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Are You TotallyADD?

That’s the 9 Inattention Symptoms – you’ve finished Part 1!

Your total is: 9 out of 9

A score of 5 or higher suggests INATTENTION is a problem for you.

While most people struggle with some of these symptoms, that doesn’t mean they have ADHD. They could be stressed by major life events or any number of medical issues.

But your score suggests that a full assessment by a specialist who understands ADHD might be in order. About 4 to 5% of adults are struggling with focus, distraction, and attention. These challenges undermine their goals and good intentions in many areas of life—despite all their best efforts.

Now let’s look at Hyperactivity (6 questions) and Impulsivity (3 questions)—problem areas for many adults with ADD—and see what else we can learn.

Tein sun puolest bae ;) <333333