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(btw, don't add me if you're just looking to trade, unless i add you chances are i'm really just not interested, only add me if you want to play games or something.)

If you want to talk to the worst person on earth, this is my Discord.
smol toaster pastry#0103
poopity scoop
scoopity whoop

(Name context:
I was in a cs:go dust pub game, there was a person being a dick, (his name was BIG_N1GGA) I started calling him out on his bullshit, while using insults that a person with no logic of what a proper insult is would make up. I said "big_n1gga = small toaster pastry" he screamed at me, "FUCK YOU I EAT BIG PASTRIES!!" I thought this was hilarious and made it my username.)

possibly a furry but doesn't like to talk about it and very very gay
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ADV04 Apr 26 @ 6:17am 
+rep Very nice person
smol toaster pastry Mar 9 @ 12:20am 
just completed overdrill and my first DW loud heist, gj everyone
smol toaster pastry Mar 5 @ 2:45pm 
beat just cause 3 if you haven't been checking my screenshot feed
smol toaster pastry Feb 21 @ 6:43pm 
beat the white house heist in payday 2, gg overkill. gonna go for the secret ending now.
smol toaster pastry Jan 19 @ 8:47pm 
payday 2 virtual reality
Sub3Cr1ber Jan 19 @ 7:14pm 
What is pd2vr?