Jeremy H   Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States
Hey, I'm Jeremy or Jayri. I work with SFM(sometimes)! I can also draw and write a bit, always trying to improve. I also game(duh)!

I'm a friendly person. So don't be afraid of little ol' me. So you can talk to me anytime when I'm online.
Website: Link [sparknstudios.com]
Tumblr(NSFW) [ask-sparky-stuff.tumblr.com]
FA [www.furaffinity.net]
DA [jayri-avieock.deviantart.com]
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"A jaw-dropping experience that draws you right in from the start and immerses you in its depth(s)." — Puns Weekly
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Hey, hun. I also run the microfurries group. You can affiliate it too. xD