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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds
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Shell Shock
Left 4 Dead
Binding of Isaac

Anything VR...

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I have progressively updated this review from game go to present day, want to skip to final thoughts go to the bottom of the review.


Been rather excited for this game in a long time, and now alpha 5 hits steam !

The video says it all on the store page, so I advise you sit and watch that.

Its a game of great scope and its only just started with content, yes its another zombie survival but it has enough going for it that breaks it away from the other 23 games out there so check it out guys and girls as its pretty dam good.

I like to state I love the destruction model this game engine has. Like its immediate close comparison MINECRAFT it has the same cube construction world and therefore has the same sandbox element of creativity and destructibility. This game though unlike MC, has a far more survival aspect with the need to drink, eat and rest. Ammo and guns are ripe yet are very valuable.

The graphics are a touch basic at this stage and some things are nice to look at and some things are plain ugly (like the hands). But its alpha and looks I been told are superficial over game play (though a nice looking game doesn't hurt either !)

The map of the game area is not very large at this time but of course there is so much yet planned and I am sure this will be added to.

You start out in the wilderness, It becomes important to find shelter/supplies and build a safe house QUICKLY. As soon as dark approaches zombies become the things out of 28 days later and run, rip and claw at the very building and you at a horrifying ferocity.

Many a time I thought I was safe in the attic only to be swarmed by zombies that got up !

The game has also a great user friendly crafting system. No wiki needed to make stuff here as its as friendly to craft as like say in Terraria. There is a wiki though if you so wish to refer to for extra ease.


ALPHA 7.6 out and reviewed :

We come a long way from version 5 when I first sat down to review this game. It has expended its map, more zombie types have been added and a major graphic & lighting overhaul has been implemented.

The crafting system has been expanded, and you now have a furnace / camp fires / cooking, plus much more. This game is more now so in direct competition with Dayz and like but heads over and beyond that comparison when you have the lovely terrain morphing that lets you build underground bases, raise buildings to the ground and punch holes through anything to escape impending death. I mean what game has the scenario ;

"Your in a tense situation, up stairs in the loft. A wandering horde has *smelt* your immediate proximity and the zombies claw there way in through the windows and breaking the door down. But they can not reach you by the ladder you deliberately broke, so instead they instinctively start to claw and chew at the surrounding beams/walls of the house supports causing a slow but impending situation with structural security! I thought at first I may have to jump down and try and fight my way through (probable death) but I go and place a fuel barrel near the corner of the loft, firing at it causes an explosion that blows a hole through the floor but also the roof. I jump through the hole and make my way up and out to the roof of the building making my hastily escape."

The game has got great scope and even now is SO MUCH FUN single player or a friend or two in co-op and I know we have a real gem here with yet so much more growth promised and coming.

The updates as you can see, from Alpha 5 to now Alpha 7.6 are coming regular enough to keep this project healthy and interesting. (Unlike the SLOW ongoing update response from Dayz team - YAWN).

ALPHA 7.9 out and reviewed :

Lots again changed to the crafting system, more items added & lots tweaked. Mining is now a little more tricky and involves more time spent finding all that sweet ore.

New FX added, Bloom and HD hands. Little things that make a lot of difference candy wise.

This game is shaping up to be a really good survivalist game. But striking that balance of fun/challenge is still of course being tweaked and streamlined.

Lately I have built my first base out in the wilderness. Nothing fancy but using materials like concrete and wood planks I have shaped a defensive base, with camp fire for food and a forge for building materials. I have a mine in the centre that spans tunnels and caves deep below, its great what you can do in this game.

ALPHA 8.2 out and reviewed :

Just released and is superb !

New sun affects, better crafting eliminating Wiki use altogether now.

With every patch so many changes come out its brilliant and fresh and far to extensive to list here everything that was included in 8.2. Needless to say that they keep adding so many cool things to the game and its looking better after every patch.

We now have wondering hordes, we now have materials that can be upgraded ie, wood planks to metal reinforced wood planks. So many building options just let your imagination go wild with how to make the ultimate fortress.

Smooth terrain is the big change to, its now fully in and makes the world much more realistic. So no more looking like Minecraft from now on.

I so look forward to whats to come, ...

ALPHA 9 out and reviewed :

WOW - what a major change we have here. RANDOM maps in glorious techno-realism.

The beautiful new Randomly Generated Worlds A.K.A. Randomz-gane which have full gigantic cities, roads, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains, roadside and wilderness locations and feature all biome types.

they have also reworked the entire in game GUI with new Art, Truetype fonts and many new features including fog of war, waypoints, friend tracking and recipe search.

Buff System enhancements including, Broken Legs, Sprained Legs, Dysentery, Drowning, Concussions and First Aid Kits. New rendering enhancements including soft shadows and underwater effects added. In addition the player can now craft a full cloth armour set and use scrap iron build and upgrade forts. Folks this update is jammed packed with features!

ALPHA 10.4

Oh my, this game gets better and better. Every update since I first brought the game brings fourth a multitude of awesome sauce. Finely tuned Random worlds with a load of POI (points of interest) buildings / cities and estates to scrummage through.

Crafting increased, with GUI further more tuned and twisted into a delight to use. With now a fully customised character system to play around with and multiple clothing options to obtain.

This game is on sale as of 20th / 12 / 2014 half price and really suggest you pick this baby up.

ALPHA 12.1

Things just got better, My god, for what a great looking game with better random gen / scenery.

Crafting be overhauled again, UI improved no end.

Feels so much better as a survival, balancing is getting there to near perfect.

ALPHA 15 Official - NOW OUT !

This is where we are at, 6th October 2016,,,

Yes, this game is still getting amazing leaps in refinement and update joy. Looks the best ever with distent terrain. The GUI for crafting has been refined and tweaked. Zombies are more fluid and animate better with more variety.

Updated Unity Engine that plays reasonably well on decent Pc's. I run this thing on a 980ti with a Over Clocked i7 and get near to 60fps all the time. It dips when loads of zombies are on screen though so still has a fair way with regards to tweaking.

The game has come along way, providing without doubt the best sand box survival this side of Steam and STILL in my mind holds the crown for best survival.

ALPHA 17.1 (2019)

As you can see we have progressed, this game is even better !

Final Words...

With total world destruction in a true sandbox world, zombies, guns, base building/defense, single player or multi and great continued support from the Pimps I am so digging this game !
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Enjoy your weekend~ I wish you all the best! Good health, joy, and prosperity~
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For purpose of comment reminder next year, jay said the following > i'll have this game wrapped up at least this time next year. For ACO.
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You get as much replayability from Skyrim as i get from Train Simulator. Makes me wanna install Skyrim again, I never actually finished the main story, even with 50 hours+....
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I like your new pic.
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