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Rest in peace Kon, will always miss your pshycopathic tendancies.
Story of my fucking degenerate life since you guys keep on asking:
Born: September 27th 2001 (Japan - Chūbu - Gifu - Gifu city)

Throughout the first 5 years Of my life I was living with my aunt and cousin (Kon, peace be with him)
mostly in different hotels in Ogaki and Gifu city so that my aunt was closer to work.

(also I wanna add it felt suprisingly easy to be a minority over there, nobody asked questions other than the other kids. And strangely yes, there were other half-black people there which still has me shook to this very fucking day)

but we ended up moving into the middle of butt-fuck nowhere (Also known as the ibi district) when I was three, all of this according to my cousin.
at the age of 5 I met my father and he took me britian (not sure what city) where my mother reclaimed ownership of me and we set sail for Bristol city, the rest is history.

age 6: Began playing Starcraft, warcraft 2, dawn of war, age of empires and other RTS games to the point where I would go to little video game sessions and tournements with my grandad who was also a beast at those games. Stayed in touch with a little korean boy (forgot name) and a kid from my village called kazuma or kashewma I don't remember

age 7: nothing much more vidya games.

age 8: Vidya - Switch from the name "JavaokamiSC" to Javakiwolf
age 9: Vidya
age 10: V I D Y A
age 11: Go back to japan for 9 months
age12: Went to Secondary school/highschool/middleschool or whatever you fucks wanna call it. I met Kvothe (behold the maxinaut) aswell as some other dota buddies

age 13: Made the second biggest mistake of my life and picked up the game rust. meet the "WATCH" clan aswelll as some other beasts. also got stabbed, fucking awesome. Name switched to Javaki and KyonSama

age 14: officialy "good" at rust, kill me. Also met greenie, double kill me. also met most of the rust players on my friends list. 500x kill me - name switched to "Java"

age 15: Left my dota2 career behind, sold some accounts etc. met lex and got my first blowjob, nothing much to complain about, decent year apart from the terrorism. Name constantly being changed due to anxiety

Current age: Diagnosed with aspergers and continue my legacy as a fucking faggot. currently living a happy life despite the stuggle to stay motivated. Atleast i'm not like lex phantomhive.

Anything you wanna ask? any experiences you wanna discuss? feel free to ask I couldnt give two fucks, maybe one but thats not the point i'm trying to make.

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