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Not part of the BC clan, hello BC clan. RIP :<

An example of how not to ask for help:
Evlbzltyr: i can't play any games based on the source engine :( does anyone know how I can fix it?

Bob: javas obviously not doing anything.
Bob: BECAUSE, he didnt cross the line yet.
cRaZyaIm: java is lazy
cRaZyaIm: wat u expect
cRaZyaIm was kicked by Javaguy.

Dulls: the truth never lies java

[FS2004] Ricardo_jvc6 [PT]: java i think you like
[FS2004] Ricardo_jvc6 [PT]: pyro

Re-Framed: Also it says that in distant future humanity have found a new pi. that means that all theory's that are currently beknown to man should vanquish in most part
Hermit [J-Server]: Nah, Re Framed. It means Film Noir will come back into fashion
Hermit [J-Server]: with a new P.I. in all the stories

The Other Bob: i think your ...very whimpish in a cute way (:

Feary [J-Server]: But ya nice java is nice, But boring , where I hail from originally. []
PCG Forums, where I also hail from. []
The Bloghammer, Blog of Hidden and me. []
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01:22 - Javaguy: they'll all die, Briggsby
01:22 - Javaguy: all
01:22 - Javaguy: die
Javaguy disconnected.
01:24 - Eviltebor: why did Java say Briggsby, he's not even here :/