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Y'know, this was supposed to be my weekend off. But noooo. You got me out here, draggin' your heavy ass, through the burnin' desert, with your dreadlocks (tentacles) sticking out the back of my parachute. You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad…and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?! [screams and kicks the alien] I could've been at a BARBECUE! But I ain't mad.

-Will Smith, Independence Day.
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:2016butterfly: Name: Jennifer/Jenn
:2016butterfly: Age: Too old. [32]
:2016butterfly: Birthday: March 11th.
:2016butterfly: Favorite Game/Series: World of Warcraft, Fire Emblem, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest
:2016butterfly: Tiny Disclaimer: I don't really socialize much on Steam, I just play games. I will take the time to respond to your messages as I can. I *do* play ADULT games. I don't play them for the "porn" as I do the stories, character design and achievements. Just another game for me. I will not post screenshots of them, even with spoilers to respect people who aren't into them/don't want to see them.

:2016butterfly: I have a ton of wish listed games AND owned games. I enjoy a lot.

:2016butterfly: Treat others as you want treated.

I have a paste bin of my 100%'d games, I add to often when I can. If you're ever interested, link is here: -Hasn't been updated in a bit...will get to it shortly.

2019 Beaten Games:

My goal for this year is just to BEAT the games, forcing myself to 100% them was murder on me this year, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted. * = 100%

Jewel Match Solitaire *
Hentai Jigsaw Puzzle *
Easy Puzzles: Animals *
1,000 Heads Among The Trees *
Abrix for Kids *
Berry Couple *
Fruit Couple *
Butterfly Couple *
Cat Couple *
Dog Couple *
BDSM Wafiu *
Blonde *
Mola Mola *
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A Wild Catgirl Appears!

The game is a Visual Novel [VN] done by NewWestGames. The [short] game is a romance VN with multiple endings. It's about a girl who doesn't want to participate in a club, picks one and things happen. [Not to give spoilers...more then I have.]

I can not recommend this game, outside of quick 100% achievement points [for the gatherers] due to the game's poor state. It started with some serious potential but in the end, fell flat.

If you hit "skip" on accident, you had no go back feature, lots of text was missed at times. The entire story was a bit dull and felt drug along. I had a hard time following along sometimes. I couldn't understand why in some areas of the story, the artwork changed. I can't recommend it based on the fact it doesn't feel done, story was uninteresting and the changing artwork threw me.

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Thanks for accepting my friend request :woodlehappy: Nice to meet you :cleanseal:
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:swhello:...Hi there, Jenn :woodlefriend:
.:commandervideo::EdenEarth:.. Across the miles :LLTRowRun:
:hug:..Here is a little hug :YouHaventGotMail:
:sibstar:..It is filled with happy wishes for you and yours :litlChocolates:
:swdance::sirstar:. and hope to make you smile :ccHappy:
:symnote::music::lightheart:* Friends are chocolate chips :chocolate::chocolate:
:symnote::music: in the cookie of life! :ccVeryHappy:
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Pets are family, no doubt about it. I'm glad she has you and you have her :csdsmile:
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Thanks for visiting my farm :steamhappy: <3
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yup ^^ i played the classic "classic" to lvl 50 and selled my account because my guild kicked me out. (btw 150€ for a 50€ game) xD
i played every addone except of: Cata and WoD. ^^
in BfA my main was an outlaw Rogue. U know, finally i wanted that ALL BURST DMG THINGY and Outlaw Roque suuuucked at Endgame. We took down all bosses, in heroic too, but in mythic my dps was too low. x.x so i was pretty frustrated and had to quit it.
my overall mains are Warrior, Paladin (Tank) and Priest (Shadow/holy)
what are yours? :D
but like i said, im not playin atm. :) classic is cool, but yeh...its classic. xD

hope your weather will get cooler, we had like 40°C days a lot this summer in germany, but now its too cold xD (like 20°C)