Jasper Mulder   Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Why hello there lads, I see you've managed to sneak into my profile, but how are you going to get out? This whole place is filled with bombs :sticky:

I've been on steam since 2013 and have made quite some friends with a lot of experience in games and related stuff. I've also managed to get my hands onto Source Film Maker and make a few posters, that are fine enough for my taste. My backpack isn't worth looking at, really. I don't really like trading items, so don't hit me up.

If you wish to become friends with me, just add me on steam. Just know that I'm most likey going to decline requests from people who I've never seen. Just a rule of thumb: Don't add me if you simply wish to trade, just send me a trade offer, though I'll most likely decline it.

I've got some experience in being a staff member on some small servers, Not the best with handling sits. But I'm always motivated to help out a small community with growing!

With that being said and done, remember what I said about the sticky bombs and have a go- :csgo_explosion: Oh damn... seems like someone didn't listen to my advice... Anyways, have a good day!

PS: And no, I'm not a spy main! I swear!

Anthrax_PL Jan 16 @ 10:55am 
need to confirm something
delyrium Dec 16, 2019 @ 2:16pm 
shut up lux u fat ♥♥♥♥
LuX Dec 16, 2019 @ 2:15pm 
delyrium Dec 16, 2019 @ 2:14pm 
say 123 if i'm still relevant to u pls
LuX Dec 16, 2019 @ 12:36am 
Legλcy LeXSton Dec 1, 2019 @ 1:19pm 
spectrum can we talk? i need some help