Michael   Austria
Oh hi! Seems like you found my profile somehow... I just wanted to say hello and welcome to my profile!

Oh? You want to know more?

I really love cookies and strawberries :strawberry:..

.. you can mostly lure me with cute stuff like little furry animals..

.. my favorite game characters yet would be Fidget, Ori and Asriel..

.. I'm mostly answering every question as honest as I can, but rather refuse to answer when it get's too... intimate?

Profile picture made by Red ! Thanks so much! :ShinyHeart:

Soo.. thanks for reading, but there's also a bigger info box further below! :fadeheart:

You are not a robot~ ♫

Hurt~ ♫

Impossible~ ♫

Gasoline~ ♫

It's my party! ♫

Are you satisfied? ♫

Zabadak! ♫

The creepiest thing I heard in my life

Not fair~ ♫

Protect the sacred vow! ♫

I don't wanna be a war machine! ♫

The Good In Me ♫

The Sound of Silence~ ♫

The Poet and The Muse~ ♫
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Hello everyone!

:ori: I'm 19 Years old, live in Austria and just love to play games!

:steamflake: My birthday's the 31st December

:skyesad: I'm bad at starting conversations or keeping them alive, so.. sorry if I'm not talking much

:meloblue: I am rather bad with sarcasm.

:InjusticeCatwoman: I'm a Furry!

:EvilSad: I do not RP nor ERP.

:fmad: I don't like haters - if you hate me for something it's your decision, just don't tell me all the time

:bpquest: If you invite me to a game without first chatting with me, I will most likely ignore it

:moon: I prefer moonlight over sunlight

My status on Steam

:fhappy: Online - I'm just here, watching some videos or chatting with someone. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk :3

:TFTBrokenCellPhone: Online (Mobile) - Either in school, not at home or in my bed.

:break: Away - Mostly when I'm eating or doing some stuff outside. I'll normally be back soon tho.

:stop: Busy - Something important is going on - if you're not involved, I will most likely not respond until things are resolved.

:catenvelope: Looking to Play - Pretty much self-explanatory, you can send a message or just an invite to something.

:goldpiece: Looking to Trade - Even when I'm not in this state you can send me trade requests, trade offers or a message that you want to trade.

:gmod: In Game - Playing something..? Depending on how loud or intense the game is I might respond slowly.

:missing: In non-Steam Game - Playing Touhou! Feel free to watch me fail.

:alert: In App - Making SFM pics!

:Tired: Snooze - Fell asleep without shutting down the PC.

:ftired: Offline - Probably sleeping, in rare cases because I don't want to come online.

Some of my likes and dislikes!


:bsod: Video Games

:terraria: Nature

:steamflake: Snow and the cold in general

:doggy: Pets

:GreenNote: Music

:healthpot: Chemistry

:twelve: Maths

:emerald: Gems

:SudokuPencil: Writing

:2015cookie: Cookies


:heff: Beef

:brfire: Fire and the heat in general

:claugh: Rude people

:bored: Dank Memes

:fsad: Liars and Cheaters

:grumgog: Being rushed

Shows I love most!

:lrsvaliente: Doctor Who

:r3heart: Supernatural

:golden: Spongebob Squarepants (German)

A few musicians/bands I like~

:czombie: J.B.O. [www.jbo.de]
Fav Song: Ich glaube du liebst mich nicht mehr

:pandafu: Ken Ashcorp
Fav Song: On the Rocks

:angryowl: Owl City
Fav Song: Shooting Star

:twshield: Scratch21
Fav Song: Butterflies

:twteamblue: System Of A Down
Fav Song: Lost in Hollywood

:butterfly: Aviators
Fav Song: Angels fall the farthest

:waveobstacle: Linkin Park
Fav Song: Numb

:insfist: Scatman John
Fav Song: The Scatman

:USstar: Abba
Fav Song: The winner takes it all

:bluelightorb: Imagine Dragons
Fav Song: On Top of the World

:PinkCube: Digital Daggers
Fav Song: Close Your Eyes

I'll also list a few people here that I really like :3
(There's no particular order here!)

:ftlmantis: Cyan :ftlmantis:: Very good friend, stood by my side and tried to make me feel better everytime I got sad.. :spirallove:

:yawning_creep: Xerg :yawning_creep:: One of the most important people I ever met. The person that made me who I am today; taught me to be less scared, worried, doubtful, and who made me so much more confident in my life. My first love that couldn't work out due to the past. I will miss you, Xerg.

:greenlightorb: Miko :greenlightorb:: Simply the friendlist, most helpful and all in all greatest person I ever could have dreamed of meeting. Helped me in countless situations by lending me aid, giving advice or simply listening and talking to me. I'm forever greatful for everything you did for me! :skheart:

:shovel: Wariofan :shovel:: My big brother! (Not really, but it feels like it <3) Stood by my side and helped me through many many dark times. We had tons of fights, but in the end our friendship prevailed. I'm so happy to have you! :ghlol:

:KeepOnSmiling: Dilliusica :KeepOnSmiling:: One of my best friends I had, helped me out in dire situations and saved a lot of important things from breaking apart. Even though we barely chat nowadays, I'll always think highly of you!:FadeHeart:

:agathalion: Gryphon :agathalion:: Definetely the best gryphon there ever was. Super friendly, helpful, understanding, and while we don't spend too much time together, he always manages to cheer me up and make me happy every time we chat! Also, he's super cuddly! :melogold:

:squishyapple: Drawer :squishyapple:: A very friendly and kind guy! He grew so close to me in such a short time, I wouldn't know what I'd have done without him in recent times. Always at my side and cheering me up, he's undoubtly one of the best friends I could've wished for! :ShinyHeart:

:bubble: Derpysoldier :bubble:: One of my longest friends so far. Many dark and hard times lie in the past which broke us apart multiple times, but our friendship prevailed in the long run. As one of the few people that tried their best to be there for me, I can call him a great friend without regrets. :big_heart:
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