Kenneth Jahr   Buskerud, Norway
Gamer and a Metal head by heart.
I Started out on the Sega and SNES when i was a kid, and continued on to the N64 with some great titles. After the whole era of Golden eyie'ing like a mother fucker, i took what i personally call a leave from gaming until the very end of the original Xbox's lifespan. It wasn't until the Xbox 360 i truly became a gamer at heart, gaming hours i never did back in the earlier days as a kid. I think maybe the whole idea of achievements that was originally came out with the Xbox 360 made me the gamer i am today. Biggest reason for that was because i got a little addicted towards getting achievements. Was ranked nr 1 and 2 on the leaderboards of most gamerscore in my country for almost 2 years, and 30 something worldwide. Then when Halo 3 came out, and i got "obsessed" with it, playing hours upon hours with my friends, i got kinda over the whole achievement oriented gaming i used to do. Then came the MMO days. Where i would play WoW obsessively. Ive gotten over the MMO genre abit, and now i just play whatever i wanna play.

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