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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 8:27pm

Gunner Runner

Beat the game with Gunner
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 2:31pm

Survive for 5

Survive for 5 mnutes
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 2:31pm

And Then for 10

Survive for 10 minutes
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 8:27pm

A Clean 15

Survive for 15 Minutes
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 2:05pm


Destory a rare asteroid
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 8:12pm


Destroy a mine

Bolt Blaster

Beat the game with Bolt

Bolt Master

Beat the game with Bolt-X (hard mode)

Beam Team

Beat the game with Beam

Beam Queen

Beat the game with Beam-X (hard mode)

Gunner Stunner

Beat the game with Gunner-X (hard mode)


Survive for 20 Minutes