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Jack   York, Pennsylvania, United States
Hey, Im Jack, Im a normal pennsylvanian who likes Music, Team Fortress 2, Smash Bro's, and causing shitshows. Here is my obligatory friends list.

A really nice guy, one of the few who understands me.

A fellow pennsylvanian friend who helped me through tough times.

Quantum but finnish and a nerd, also the only one who really talks to me.

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Vlad Mar 10 @ 8:48am 
added to trade
Denver Feb 27 @ 2:28am 
add me i have something important to tell you.
Jack The Demo Main Feb 22 @ 1:36pm 
I wouldve beaten you anyways.
Jack The Demo Main Feb 22 @ 12:55pm 
also tf2 cant run on a potato, you never even tried running games on potato's
Jack The Demo Main Feb 22 @ 12:54pm 
also i dont wanna waste my time reading a vn with something even related to you :emofdr:
Jack The Demo Main Feb 22 @ 12:41pm 
i will play all of desert bus