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- "Other mages may claim to be as good at magic as J'zargo, but they cannot be as charming as he. Thus, J'zargo always comes out on top."

- "Khajiit are not known as mages, so J'zargo has much to prove."

- "J'zargo has heard of the Staff of Magnus. When you are done with it, perhaps J'zargo can borrow it."

- "J'zargo expected to be named Arch-Mage, but there is still time."

- "Skyrim could not be more different from Elsweyr. But magic... Magic is the same, no matter where you go."

- "There is much for J'zargo to be sure of. There is skill in magic, there is charm, and there is a strong will. J'zargo will be successful, of this there is no doubt."

- "Oh, but you are wrong. The only reason you could disagree, is because you are losing so badly you cannot see it."

- "May you walk on warm sands."

- "These sands are cold, but Khajiit feels warmness from your presence."

- "Do you think there's treasure here? Something to make J'zargo a powerful wizard?"

- "Oh, yes. J'zargo hopes to find things that will make him a more powerful mage here. Hopefully small things that fit inside pockets, and will not be noticed if they are missing."

- "Are the Arch-Mage's robes as comfortable as J'zargo believes them to be?"

- "J'zargo regrets that there was no chance to speak with the Psijic Monk."

- "If anyone sneaks up on us, I will smell them coming. Or I might not.
We'll see."

- "J'zargo can learn magic from these men and elves, but they cannot learn to be as dashing as he. J'zargo comes out on top."

- "By the Twin Moons! A Dwarven city. It is incredible how this still stands after thousands of years."

- "The old Nords sure did love their stonework."

- "Let's hope there's gold in here."

- "We have found a cave. I don't think there are warm fires and friendly faces inside."

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