ugc offis with 4 subs ez
Joe / JWB   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
TFNew [] League Admin & Caster

Friendly reminder that I outdamage Hyper in officials: , ,

ThUnDeRsHoCk : Is that sniper aimbotting
ThUnDeRsHoCk : i'm pretty sure they having a hacking sniper
*DEAD* Nio : JWB is aimboting
*DEAD* Nio : f2p bot
SCP-173 : hacker?
JWB #TFNew : who's hacking?
*DEAD* Nio : you
SCP-173 : yea
*DEAD* Nio : hax op

*DEAD* Haise Sasaki : nice aimbot

Pepe_Frog2 : i hate that scout
*DEAD* Pepe_Frog2 : jwb why are you even in beginner?

Monika's Wrath (Score:20) defeats Pterodactyl7 (Score:13) in duel to 20 on Process Mid

I-Raptor (Score:20) defeats Hyper (Score:17) in duel

hyped for RSP S4 (Score:20) defeats Hyper (Score:8) in duel to 20 on Viaduct Middle

:( (Score:20) defeats Hyper (Score:5) in duel to 20 on Viaduct Middle

JWB #TFNew (Score:20) defeats Nhaaj (Score:10) in duel to 20 on Granary Middle

2BT : JWB : looking back at my previous messages, i feel like a fanboy lmao
Doomsday.exe : dw I'm a fan of you JWB
[SOAP] Your attacker had 100 health remaining.
2BT : JWB : <3
(Voice) Angel: Thanks!
2BT : JWB : screenshotted
TeemoTheScientist : I ship u 2
(Voice) Angel: Thanks!
Runyx : n u t t e d
TeemoTheScientist : K I S S

DannyTheYouTuber : go to my yotube chanel and subscribe it Danny
JWB LFT S30 Scout/Solly : no kys danny

DannyTheYouTuber : i awnt to masturbate but my mem get into my room
DannyTheYouTuber : want*
*DEAD* DannyTheYouTuber : shet

*DEAD* Stormz(Youtuber)#CleaninFriends : Lesbian is only a word
Stormz(Youtuber)#CleaninFriends : To help filter out your pornhub searches
Stormz(Youtuber)#CleaninFriends : If you type in gay porn, it will come up with both sex's
Stormz(Youtuber)#CleaninFriends : Only ruining your experience

*DEAD* minion lover : wait what
*DEAD* minion lover : kick lft s30
minion lover : he is hacking

*in voice*

Dowel: I'm gonna be honest JWB you don't sound like the sort of person that would be very good at Chess

Shadu: I've been overlooking what you're doing over in Stormolander recently. And I'm honestly glad to see that you're trying to keep this scene alive and bring newer players in. I'm telling you now, your passion for this game despite what anyone tells you is your best atribute.
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Workshop Showcase
A deep blue/purple war paint for all war-paintable weapons. Would probably fit well between Mercenary and Commando grade.

Thanks to TGA for fixing some symmetry errors and adding a phong mask <3
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-I don't accept adds from people with private profiles/inventories

TFNew Info

My postions/roles there: Admin, Caster
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Twitch []

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Unusuals I've owned

-Tesla Coil Nasty Norsemann
-Hot Spec KS Flower Power Scattergun
-Starstorm Insomnia Wing Mann
-Bubbling Rotation Sensation
-Smoking Neckwear Headwear
-Purple Energy A Rather Festive Tree
-Circling TF Logo Brown Bomber
-Tesla Coil Executioner
-Strange Purple Energy Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats

Competitive Experience

ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge - Scout - The Sloppy Seconds
ETF2L Season 28 - Open - Scout - 2 Button Tactics
ETF2L Season 29 - Open - Medic/Scout - Monika did nothing wrong
ETF2L Meet Your Map Cup - Scout - never played this map and now im lost
ETF2L Season 30 - Open - Pocket - Whales EAT Platinum Dude!!
UGC Season 27 - Scout/Pocket - Autism

ETF2L Season 12 - Open - Sub (never actually played any officials) - Random Boots Reborn
ETF2L Season 14 - Open - Engineer - 2 Button Tactics

RSP Season 3 - Scout/Demoman/Sniper - 2 Pan Tactics

I also attended i61, but did not compete

Recent Activity

2,438 hrs on record
last played on Jul 19
58 hrs on record
last played on Jun 30
1.5 hrs on record
last played on Jun 29
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ps my team are close to being dead thats why i'm adding
TSE | TimeR 5 hours ago 
Adding to talk about comp team
Jyn Jul 15 @ 11:38am 
hey, we are looking for a pocket and we have a scrim now if you wanna play
Aspect Jul 13 @ 4:39am 
rec post
LfK drft_ Jul 11 @ 10:11am