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Just change the sound of declaration of war to Willy Tybur's declaration of war on enemy force of Paradis.

Ironman 100% compatible just don't get rekt immediately after declare war like certain someone.

Also yes this is Japanese dub.
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With the very recent announcement of victoria 3, we need victoria 4 now more than ever

1. it's been a whole 9 hours since Vicky 3's announcement, this is an unacceptable length of waiting. We deserve another Victoria game for waiting nine hours.

2. i
tooqwik1 Sep 12 @ 9:58pm 
Hey, just going around workshop contacting people who make gmod playermodels I like of a certain controversial nature and asking for a non-steam place I could download them from, and trying to keep in contact with them since those kinds of things seem to get shoah'd a lot
Necrotic Aug 1 @ 3:42pm 
hiya i like u u like me?
Roger Ebert May 24 @ 3:57pm 
Hey can you upload panzer elite vj snpc they have been taken down
牛栏山辉夜 Apr 27 @ 5:23am 
Hey friend, I want to contact you to ask about the old version VJ can run Touhou SNPCS
slug don't give fug Apr 7 @ 7:42pm 
rick may on profile hang yourself :ujel:
NICKpro567 Mar 5 @ 10:31am 
Hello. Sorry for distrubing but...could you reupload bo3 nazi zombies snpc's?