Anthony "JHRZy" Bellingeri   New Jersey, United States
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Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. As you already know my online alias is "JHRZy" (pronounced "Jersey"). I go by this name practically everywhere online. My real name is Anthony, and im 19 years old. I play a few steam games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, and GTA5. I also play Non-Steam games such as League of Legends, HoTS, Fortnite, PTCGO, and Osu!.

Feel free to join my discord! https://discord.gg/U8q665C

- I have been playing Counter Strike Global Offensive for a little over three years now. I used to trade up/Gamble skins. I cashed out my inventory and now I only have the skins I wanted to keep.
Current rank: GN1
Highest rank: MG2

- I love playing Grand Theft Auto with friends. I usually play just sandbox online and sometimes do missions. After being serverely annoyed by modders, I have obtained my own mod menu for GTA5 and I do regular money drops. I DO NOT like to grief other players. I just like to have fun with mods and keep my self protected from other griefers. I've been playing GTA5 since the initial release on Xbox 360.

I provide special services on GTA5 such as:
Private money drop (exclusive to you and/or your friends!) - $5
Account recovery (adding 200M to your account) - $15
Rank Modification + Max Stats/Unlocks (Any desired level under 1000) - $10
Account recovery + Rank/stat mod bundle - $20

UPDATE: My mod menu that I use was taken down so my services are currently unavailable.

League of Legends
- Not much to say here, I started at the end of season 4. I used to love playing until other games became more interesting. Twitch main. With more updates, the game has been falling off, so I am playing a lot less LoL and I am playing and discorvering other games to play.
Current rank: Unranked
Highest rank: Gold 5

- I recently started playing Heroes of The Storm. Its a very fun game. Practically an easier version of league of legends. Valla main.
Current rank: Unranked
Highest rank: N/A

- Self Explainable. I started playing beginning of season 3.

- I love this damn rythm game. I started playing a few years ago, but I can't recall the exact year. I enjoy playing 4-6* maps. I usually dont play for PP. How does cookiezi do it? I dont know.
Currernt estimated rank: 250K.

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