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Mar 21 @ 1:17am
In topic Cannot configure gamepad
Don't know if OP has refunded game or not but you can disable steam input from the properties menu for the game on steam and then the gamepad menu will not be greyed out. Though there is no d-pad usage though, making the game alittle harder for me as I can't pull off moves sometimes.
Mar 19 @ 7:39am
In topic Is controller config broken?
Ok so it's not just me. Hope they fix it soon because this sort of big deal as I play alot of games with a controller.
Mar 19 @ 4:39am
In topic Is controller config broken?
I just used the controller config to create a config for a game and noticed that it has been updated. It seems things only update when I exit or change menus or something. For example I create an action set, it doesn't appear. I close and reopen the config, the action set is now there.
Is anyone else having issues with the new controller config?
Mar 19 @ 4:38am
In topic Please fix the controller configuration.
Originally posted by Quintus:
Are you using the new big picture mode? If you are using that, stop using that. Return to old big picture and see if the problem persists.

If you are on the beta branch try to switch to stable branch and vice versa.

On a side note: No one cares about your empty threats.

How? Isn't this a new normal update?
Mar 10 @ 12:41am
In topic Vsync Off?
Thanks for the info. I'll guess i'll try with it off and if tearing becomes an issue i'll turn it on.
Mar 9 @ 9:53pm
In topic Vsync Off?
Hello peps,

Just wondering as I'm planning to play seriously that should I turn off vsync as from my memory I've heard somewhere that it can cause some delay or something? Is this correct? So should I avoid using vsync for competitive games?
Feb 25 @ 3:08am
In topic Stun gauge and anger?
Alright thanks.
Feb 24 @ 5:34pm
In topic Stun gauge and anger?
Is there a way to dissipate anger or do you just have to wait? Apart from skills if any.
Feb 24 @ 2:35pm
In topic Stun gauge and anger?
Just to clarify, sometimes the stun gauge doesn't go down after a stun. Is there a rule to it? The enemy is normally angered, is this the cause? And if so what are the specifics for anger?
Feb 16 @ 5:26am
In topic Is this better than the first one?
Originally posted by Landale:
Originally posted by Aguado:
The question regarding Disgaea is if the character progression is similar. Leveling stats, improving gear in a grind way, etc. or if this game have nothing like it.
So basically you level to 99, change Facets and start back over from level 1 while carrying over all your skills. You can equip skills based on your current skill point total, which is based on how many times you've changed Facets and from what level with higher giving more points. Equipment is upgraded either by finding something better, or fusing stuff into stuff. Often both, passing on your old best gear's stats partially in to the new gear.

So, no, it's not really like Disgaea at all. It's more like Refrain, but with a lot of QoL changes.

Wow, this sounds like a big improvement. I didn't get to do it the 1st one but from I remember from planning builds is that you only get to pass on 1 skill after you hit 99 and then change.
Feb 7 @ 11:01pm
In topic Bug: Makina Frozen
After Makina dropped out of the vent I ran. Then after awhile of looking around I went back to look for stuff I might of missed. Then I found her standing in the same place. I thought maybe the detection of the AI was off so I tried getting closer to "activate" it but nothing happened. Then I straight ran up and thru her and also nothing happened. It seems she froze and had become unable to interact with (no hitbox or trigger).
Jan 24 @ 8:48pm
In topic Is the Switch Version the same?
Lol, language specific bugs. So in summary, the switch version is better apart from bugs and if you want a more intended/stable difficulty? Also do you know of a physical version for switch? Where I looked there was none.
Jan 22 @ 7:50pm
In topic I'm Worried About This Game
I feel like there is more Super Mario World rather than Yoshi's Island but ok.
I missed the old days. My fav was PGA Tour 2005, feels bad man.
Jan 19 @ 6:49pm
In topic Upcoming Mod?
Yeah I should of mentioned that I read the post and when I talking about this year I was also referring to date mentioned in the post. Plus the name insanity was familiar so it is likely that this what I saw awhile ago. Unless there is another sort of big sorta update/mod etc coming for this game.
Jan 18 @ 7:46pm
In topic Upcoming Mod?
Originally posted by IngwerOrang:
are you talking about this ?
It could be that, I think the date I heard was this year.
Jan 18 @ 5:38am
In topic Upcoming Mod?
I heard sometime in the past that a sort of large mod or something is coming for this game. Is there any place that has info on that mod?
Jan 13 @ 5:08pm
In topic Is the Switch Version the same?
Apart from translation.
Jan 12 @ 6:41am
In topic Bugs
Most items don't seem to work. You can't use them they seem greyed out?
One item is not translated.
One of the water bosses attacks (where you see the blue telegraphed attacks on the floor) don't show on the circular carpet on the boss stage.
The water boss can stun lock you with bubble attack (unless intended).
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