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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 5:07pm

Step into the Void

Finish the game.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 11:52am


Read all the notes in a single level.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 2:23pm


Use a toilet to replenish your health.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 11:53am


Turn on all of the lanterns in a single level.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 4:18pm


Set fire to at least three objects.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 11:32am

Can't fool me!

Disarm least one trap.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 2:35pm


Step onto at least three traps.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 11:27am

What a view!

Step onto the docks and look at the sea.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 2:17pm

Fly, you fools!

Fall into at least one abyss.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 2:38pm

Hulk Smash!

Break 10 objects.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 2:43pm

I have the Power!

You have gained Telekinesis!
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 5:03pm

Motherly Love

Witness the Doctor's death by the hands of Mother.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 3:33pm

To be or not to be

Grab the skull in the Laboratory basement with Telekinesis.


Read all the notes in the game.
0 / 1

First-Class Explorer

Explore every nook and cranny.
26 / 32

Escape Artist

Disarm all traps in the game.
0 / 1

Burn baby! Burn!

Set fire to at least five objects.
3 / 5

Just Chillin'

Spend 60 minutes in a single level.
17 / 60


Break the loot crate at the end of the first level by jumping on it.
0 / 1