Gracy Snowflurry/IzzyLopunny   New York, New York, United States
For information about my lost items, check my info box.

I will no longer be accepting random friend requests due to the hijack that happened on October 5th 2018. If you would like to add me, ask me in game.

:snowflakes: S-Donator on Neonheights :snowflakes:

:Teddy_pencil: Commission Info :Teddy_pencil:

:snowflakes: Normal Sketch [imgur.com] = 5 Refined Metal
:snowflakes: Colored Sketch [imgur.com] = 10 Refined Metal
:snowflakes: Shaded Sketch (Unavailable) = 25 Refined Metal
:snowflakes: Shaded Colored Sketch (Unavailable) = 30 Refined Metal

:abckey: Digital Sketch (Unavailable) = 1 Key
:abckey: Colored Digital Sketch (Unavailable) = 1 Key and 10 Refined Metal
:abckey: Shaded Digital Sketch (Unavailable) = 2 Keys
:abckey: Shaded Colored Digital Sketch (Unavailable) = 5 Keys

:snowflakes: Extra character = 10 Refined Metal

I do accept Art Trades (Only if the request is not complex)

Requests are only for friends who I absolutely trust!


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Info about myself, Character information, and TF2 wishlist
:MCMagician: I see you stumbled upon my profile. Please read info before you add me :MCMagician:

Hello! My name is IzzyLopunny! You also may call me Gracy

:snowflakes: I am a 18 year old male and a overall very nice guy to hang around~! I mostly play TF2. I am also an artist. My commission info is in the "View more info" section.

Avatar made by: ❤Princess Bunny❤

:shantae_smile: Links :shantae_smile:

DeviantArt [izzylopunny.deviantart.com]
Discord Server [discord.gg]
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1289 - 8426 - 2275
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-8279-6743-6200

:Neko: Character Bios :Neko:

:slimetabby: Isabelle/Izzy :slimetabby:

Full Name: Isabelle Bernardo
Age: 18
Species: Human/Boo
Accent: None
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Occupation: None
Abilities: Can turn into her Boo form and back to her human form and vice versa at will.
Bio: Isabelle Bernardo was once an average Boo in Boo's Mansion but was turned human due to a magical spell cast upon her. She was called a freak for what her human form first looked liked. When she met her friends they took her in and took care of her. The whiteness in her eyes also show that her Boo form is still in her.
Refrence Picture(s):
Izzy and her Boo form [izzylopunny.deviantart.com]

:snowflakes: Gracy :snowflakes:

Full Name: Gracy Snowflurry
Age: 18
Species: Glaceon
Accent: British
Feral form Height: 2'07"
Feral form Weight: 60.1 lbs
Anthro form Height: 5'09"
Anthro form Weight: 125 lbs
Occupation: Queen/Swordwoman
Weapon: Nevermelt Ice Sword with Icium Z
Abilities: Can turn into her Anthro form and back to her Feral form and vice versa at will. She also has an endlessly long tongue.
Bio: Gracy Snowflurry is the former queen of the region of Rojavo but mostly rules the her home village of Mirrorlake. Her mother Lucinda Snowflurry had died due to a tragic event that had occured many years ago. Her father Vincent Snowflurry had left Gracy's loving cousin Lune Frostwing to take care of her until she is capable of ruling the region on her own. Vincent's wereabouts are currently unknown. Gracy also has an Umbreon/Espeon hybrid sister named Scarlet Snowflurry. Her location is also currently unknown. Gracy has also rescued a lonely Eevee named Edward from the sheer cold. Her and the rest of the Eeveelutions have teamed up to stop the forces of evil that plauge Rojavo. They call themselves "The Eeveelution Warriors" .
Refrence Picture(s):
Gracy (Feral Form) [pre00.deviantart.net]
Gracy (Anthro Form) [orig02.deviantart.net]



:crate: TF2 Wishlist :crate:

For those of you who know about the recent hijack that happend on my account I have lost many of my TF2 items in the process of all this. It warms my heart to see that a lot of my friends want to donate some of their items to help me. I love you all for being so kind to me. You don't have to donate but If you so wish you can <3 Here is a list going in order of ALL the items I have lost during the hijack:


Runner's Warm-Up (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Strange Mad Milk
Frying Pan
Three-Rune Blade
Dead of Night
The Crossing Guard
Strange Silver Botkiller Scattergun
Mutated Milk


Strange Sky High Fly Guy (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Veterans Attire (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Festive Buff Banner
Strange Disciplinary Action
Night Owl Mk.II Holy Mackerel


Sub Zero Suit
The Head Warmer
Rail Spikes
The Space Diver
Deity's Dress
Feathered Fiend
Strange Haunted Lollichop Licker
Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Degreaser (Factory New)
Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Scorch Shot
Backwoods Boomstick Mk.II Powerjack
The Cute Suit
Fallen Angel
Pyromancer's Mask
Trivoniophorus Tyrannus


Bounty Hat
Highland High Heels
The Gaelic Garb (Painted Team Spirit Blue)
Strange Festive Eyelander
Genuine Conjurer's Cowl
Festive Pink Elephant Stickybomb Launcher (Factory New)
Strange Festive Chargin Targe


The Can Opener
The Soviet Stitch-Up
The Steel-Toed Stompers
The Abominable Snow Pants
The Himalayan Hair Shirt
The Kathman-Hairdo
Strange Festive Brick House Minigun (Minimal Wear)
Strange Siberian Facehugger
Vintage Sandvich


Insulated Inventor
Strange Southern Hospitality
Strange Snow Stompers


Crusader's Crossbow
The Gentleman's Ushanka (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Strange Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.II
Scourge of the Sky
Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II Ubersaw (Field-Tested)


Festive Strange Australium Sniper Rifle
Unusual Cloud 9 Cold Killer (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Strange Snow Sleeves (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Max's Severed Head (Painted Team Spirit Red)
Strange Festive Jarate
Strange Bushwacka (It was Pro KS but it doens't have to be)
The Self-Aware Beauty Mark


Strange Diamond Botkiller Knife Mk.I
L'homme Burglerre (Was Painted Team Spirit Red)
Big Kill (Was Pro KS)
The Backstabbers Boomslang
Strange Lurking Legionnaire (Was Painted Team Spirit Red)
Strange Cloak and Dagger
The Prinny Machete

Other Items:

Battery Canteens
2 Description Tags
The Saxton
10 Refined Metal
Tour of Duty Ticket
2 Balloonicorns
Crone's Dome
Sniper Mask
Demoman Mask
Genuine Brutal Bouffant (Painted Team Spirit Blue)
Genuine Dadliest Catch
The Slithering Scarf
6 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys


The Killer Solo
The Dueling Banjo
Spent Well Spirits
The Proletariat Posedown
Most Wanted
Luxury Lounge
The Schadenfreude
The Meet the Medic
Rancho Relaxo
Results Are In
Party Trick
Battin' a Thousand
Yeti Punch
Buy A Life
Yeti Smash
Deep Fried Desire
Fresh Brewed Victory
The Box Trot
The High Five!
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Kazotsky Kick


That's about it~ Have an ICE day everyone~:8bitheart::sans:

...why did I even make that joke... I dont even...
 Dovahbear  Oct 6 @ 11:53am 
That's a hell of a list of lost items. When you reacquire one, put a check mark next to it or do a strikethrough so we know that you got it.
Crayon Dec 7, 2017 @ 4:56pm 
happy birthday nerd
Engipower Dec 7, 2017 @ 11:17am 
Happy birthday~!
Elosuki Aug 1, 2017 @ 2:01pm 
Yea you better copy that♥♥♥♥♥♥ he's not joking fam.
Curatrix Aug 1, 2017 @ 1:41pm 
……..|::::::::|: : : : : : : : : _„„--~'''''~-„: : : : '|
……..'|:::::::,': : : : : : :_„„-: : : : : : : : ~--„_: |'
………|::::::|: : : „--~~'''~~''''''''-„…_..„~''''''''''''¯|
………|:::::,':_„„-|: : :_„---~: : :|''¯¯''''|: ~---„_: ||
……..,~-,_/'': : : |: :(_ o__): : |: : : :|:(_o__): \..|
……../,'-,: : : : : ''-,_______,-'': : : : ''-„_____|
……..\: :|: : : : : : : : : : : : : :„: : : : :-,: : : : : : : :\
………',:': : : : : : : : : : : : :,-'__: : : :_',: : : : ;: ,'
……….'-,-': : : : : :___„-: : :'': : ¯''~~'': ': : ~--|'
………….|: ,: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : :|
………….'|: \: : : : : : : : -,„_„„-~~--~--„_: :: |
…………..|: \: : : : : : : : : : : :-------~: : : : : |
You've been visited by the propane god, I tell you hwat. Copy and paste this to 5 of your friend's profiles, or Hank Hill will bring the pro-pain
Moarona Jul 26, 2017 @ 6:14pm 


I ate your donuts.