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The MvM Kicklist []
MvM Players Kicked in 2020: 297
MvM Players Kicked on Last Wave: 102

If you are on the kicklist, you will be kicked on last wave. No exceptions.
If you are blocked, you will also be kicked on last wave.
If you also buy bad upgrades, you will be kicked on last wave as well.

In MvM, I have never heard of F2 when it comes to votekicks. I always smash F1 on any votekick initiated by anyone, unless it is someone I am friends with or someone in my party. No questions asked. Usually any votekick initiated is because someone is a retard (the low tours and/or new players), and I am NOT friends with retards. If you do not agree with my voting procedures, deal with it, because your opinion on me wont matter and I will not care the slightest what you have to say.

I am also observing your gameplay and upgrades on my Mann Up servers. You should learn how to play and learn to upgrade properly. If you recently got kicked by me or my crew and feel like your kick was unjustified, make sure to cry about it in my profile comments and see if I care. Eliminating all low-tours and trash off MvM, one kick at a time.

MvM is our full-time job, and our job is to clean MvM from trash, one by one. At the end of the day, MvM will be trash-free with all the useless trash banished, and only the good players and high tour Gods remaining in the gamemode.

Bind list
|TvM| Ms Freakshow : if you go sniper/pyro/demo after already seeing one of those picked on the team, unless that person's a moron that makes you a fuckin' idiot and I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire

|TvM| Ms Freakshow : fuck u dickhead lol
|TvM| Ms Freakshow : anyway fuckhead detected so im gonna pass. glhf with this cunt

|TvM| Ms Freakshow : if i wanted to hear bitchin n moanin id have stayed married
|TvM| Ms Freakshow : time to give people rabies

TSC][Rasta : I read itzee's profile comments for breakfast

[Saturday, 23:35]
Always important to write a detailed essay explaining fully why the low tour is a true retard along with a detailed, annotated screenshot to now show visually how they're even more of a retard in the end.
[Saturday, 23:42]
ok I need to get some sleep, breakfast time soon and reading itzee's comments

Mecha Engine Progress
(15.12.2018) Mecha Engine Start
(??.07.2019) 100th Tour Complete ← I don't remember the exact date :(
(26.09.2019) 200th Tour Complete - Screenshot
(30.11.2019) 300th Tour Complete - Screenshot
(23.01.2020) 400th Tour Complete - Screenshot

❤️ Mecha Engine is my tour main ❤️

MvM Australium Counter: 21
Scattergun: 2
Force-a-Nature: 1
Rocket Launcher: 2
Black Box: 1
Flamethrower: 0
Axtinguisher: 2
Grenade Launcher: 2
Stickybomb Launcher: 1
Eyelander: 1
Minigun: 2
Tomislav: 1
Frontier Justice: 0
Wrench: 0
Blutsauger: 2
Medi-Gun: 0
Sniper Rifle: 1
SMG: 2
Ambassador: 1
Knife: 0

MvM Lobby []

:cosmicsniper: Sniper Main :cosmicsniper:
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Salty Profile Comments Collected 2.0
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                             My MvM Rules and Principles
                                                    :boot_kicking_ass: How to NOT get Kicked by us :boot_kicking_ass:

Violating any of my MvM rules below will result in a Last Wave Kick

1) You are NOT to play Pyro.

2) You are NOT to play Idle Classes, such as Medic.

3) You are to instantly press F4 as soon as you load into my server and each time a wave ends. Do NOT waste time.

4) You are to ALWAYS press F1 on any votekicks initiated by me or my crew.

5) You are NOT allowed to use any of the following weapons:
     a) The Gas Passer Trash Passer.
     b) The Scorch Shot.
     c) The Natascha.
     d) The Tomislav.
     e) The Force-a-Nature.
     f) The Degreaser.
     g) The Direct Hit.

6) You will NOT order experienced players and other people what class to go, such as "we don't need a sniper" or "we need a medic" if you yourself are inexperienced.

7) You will NOT criticise or question what the Carrier High Tour is doing, such as what class they are playing. (similarly to rule 6)

8) You are NOT allowed to buy bad upgrades, such as the following:
     a) Health Regen.
     b) Airblast Force, Burn Damage, or Burn Time.
     c) Explode on Ignite.
     d) Knockback Rage.
     e) More than one Rocket Specialist.
     f) Disposable Mini Sentry.

9) You should NOT argue, answer back, or act like you know everything (similarly to rule 6 and 7) when given orders by an experienced High Tour. Leave your ego at the door, and be grateful you joined our server for a quick and easy game.

10) You are to ASK questions if you don't know what to do, such as what class to play or what to upgrade. Don't pretend or act like you know what you're doing when you clearly don't.


Other ways to avoid getting kicked by us and the High Tour community can be seen in this guide: [MvM] How to NOT get kicked by High Tours .


Remember, any of the above is always worthy of a Last Wave Kick. Fail to follow my MvM rules and I will just fuck you and give you the most toxic experience in MvM you would've never seen before. Before you also ask, yes, I am a toxic prick. If you do not agree with any of the above, leave a comment below and see if I care. You are to ask questions if you don't know what to do and then you can consider yourself lucky that you got a free carry by us. If you interfere with the carriers, by making the game unplayable or not enjoyable, with your retarded upgrades and gameplay such as airblasting, spreading demo's stickies, knockback raging, using trash passer, etc, you will have a really toxic game with me and I will boot you out whenever I feel like. But since i'm an asshole, I prefer to save the kicks until last wave just to waste even more of your time and have a good laugh.

Again, always remember... If you violate any of my MvM rules above, you will always deserve to be kicked on last wave. There are also a lot of High Tours in MvM that purely queue MvM just to hunt down trash players that violate my example MvM rules above. Be scared to search Mann Up alone in the future. :affliction:
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3 Mann Bone Shaker - Bunch of retards decided to leave on wave 1 after acting like know it alls, giving orders to us high tours. So we told them they're gonna get kicked. No wave failures.
10 1
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Toxic MvM player.


Adding me for trade or sending me offers for items i'm not selling = Instant block. I don't care nor am I interested in how much pure or "overpay" offers you traders have for me. None of my items are for sale unless I create a sell order on classified listings (or marketplace). This section is just being used as a secondary showcase.

:goldingot: MvM Australium Drops :goldingot:
Mecha Engine: 14
(03.04.2019) Tour 28 - Eyelander
(10.04.2019) Tour 30 - SMG
(29.05.2019) Tour 62 - Sniper Rifle
(02.06.2019) Tour 68 - Blutsauger
(03.07.2019) Tour 87 - Axtinguisher
(11.07.2019) Tour 96 - Tomislav
(15.07.2019) Tour 103 - Ambassador
(18.07.2019) Tour 106 - Grenade Launcher
(19.09.2019) Tour 185 - Stickybomb Launcher
(17.10.2019) Tour 231 - Scattergun
(21.10.2019) Tour 241 - Minigun
(23.11.2019) Tour 286 - Blutsauger
(18.12.2019) Tour 334 - Rocket Launcher
(09.02.2020) Tour 428 - SMG

Two Cities: 3
(29.07.2018) Tour 5 - Scattergun
(17.03.2019) Tour 74 - Force-a-Nature *
(21.06.2019) Tour 120 - Grenade Launcher
* = 4-crates

Gear Grinder: 4
(03.11.2018) Tour 27 - Rocket Launcher
(18.01.2019) Tour 94 - Minigun
(10.03.2019) Tour 146 - Axtinguisher
(30.07.2019) Tour 212 - Black Box
More MvM info can be seen in my profile summary.
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Created by - itzzz and gergez |
113 ratings
Sick and tired of getting kicked all the time in MvM? This guide will teach you how to NOT get kicked in the Mann vs. Machine gamemode of Team Fortress 2. This guide is mostly targeted to all the operations (tours) of MvM besides Two Cities. Since the meta
Review Showcase
3,898 Hours played
One of the best toxic simulator games out there! Only for 2 features it has: a votekick system and a retry feature.

Votekick System:

The votekick system is one of the most brilliant, powerful creations to this toxic simulator game for many reasons. It allows me and many other high tours in the Mann vs. Machine (MvM) gamemode to kick all new players, low tours and any other ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ we feel like on last wave matches off Mann Up servers, just to have a good laugh xD. Some reasons we like to kick all new players can be the following:

⚫ Wasting time and not pressing F4.
⚫ Pressing F2 on our votekicks despite having 100% kick power.
⚫ Being a clueless ♥♥♥♥ (typical low tours and new players).
⚫ Having links in their name. E.g.
⚫ Being trash at the game and getting carried.
⚫ Going retard/noob classes that require no skill, i.e. pyro.
⚫ Going pyro using the trash passer and/or scorch shot.
⚫ Playing idle medic.
⚫ Playing spy.
⚫ Not listening and obeying our orders and/or not knowing how to communicate.
⚫ Answering back towards high tours and/or arguing.
⚫ Acting like a know-it-all, and giving orders to higher tour players. E.g. "we don't need a sniper"
⚫ Shooting/popping uber medics.
⚫ Having ♥♥♥♥♥♥ upgrades I do not like. E.g. knockback rage as heavy
⚫ Shooting sentry busters.
⚫ Messing up (spreading) demo's stickies.
⚫ To get a friend in.
⚫ For fun.
⚫ Any other reasons.

It is always satisfying booting unwanted players such as low tours off our Mann Up servers; then having a good chuckle at their suffering and all their time they wasted on our servers for nothing. That is if we boot them on last wave of course, and it's all thanks to this one feature that makes the game a better place, free from low tour ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. The votekick system. =)

Retry Feature:

The retry feature is the second most powerful weapon to use in the game whilst playing the Mann vs. Machine (MvM) gamemode. It allows me (while playing solo without a kick crew) to hold entire Mann Up servers hostage by blackmailing teams to listen to my orders, i.e. F1 a votekick started up by me. If the team fail to obey my orders, I retry and it resets the timer if/when the team have readied up. This powerful feature forces teams to act as your slaves and endeavour your every commands while playing solo, or you can prevent waves starting simply by abusing this powerful weapon, retry.

It also allows you to bypass votekicks if the team try to kick you. If they votekick you, you can retry and rejoin back into the game. Which means, in the end, you have kick immunity, and the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you wanna kick don't, because they don't know nor do they have a brain to know how to bypass kicks.
Revan 1 hour ago 
snuut your soldier looks so stupid lol. congratulations on the flame nonetheless
itzzz 6 hours ago 
It would be rude of me to not congratulate you for winning an aussie. ;)
Snuuut 6 hours ago 
i thought you want to ignore me and not responding to me anymore :D
itzzz 7 hours ago 
Thank you again Snuuut for posting another aussie screenshot, Congrats!
People like you is the reason why mvm took a long to finish + to play.

Jesus if you want to play for fun and weird loadout, please go the hell to bootcamp.