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(Was just scammed like a dumbass .-., but i got my account back.)
(No one really reads this stuff do they?)
Im just here to make friends and play games with others really.

Lifes always full of ups and downs, some days are good, some days are bad, but that does not mean life is a living hell, it just means we must push past the bad things in life and look forward to the good memories of our life.

“Remember when it was easier to make friends as a kid? Me nither.”

"There is no love without forgiveness, and no forgiveness without love" ( Bryant H.)

Something to note is that i had a tendency to not talk/not respond to my friends messages at times, if you wish to talk with me, i encourage you say something first.

Hello my name Is Poet (Id perfer if you just call me Poe), I have been a member of steam for more than half a decade. Im generally on to play videogames(duh.) do feel free to ask if you wanna play something me, ill ask at times if my friends want to play something though.

Some of my favorite games are:
Team Fortress 2
(I main scout, soldier, sniper, and medic)
Borderlands 2
Garrys Mod
Left for Dead 2
Xcom Enemy Unknown
Dark Souls 3

Likes:making friends happy, playing and enjoying my time with others, (Insert other generic likes for a person)
Dislikes: People hiding that their upset (Dont need people to tell me every detail why their sad, just want to know if they are), starting conversations (I love talking, but I suck at starting conversations lets be honest.) Constantly sent friend requests just to trade (I do not do trading.)

Sorry, i needed to fill this place up with something.
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Real life information

Name: Its not important
Age: 19
Education: (Classified, does it matter right now?)
Relationship: This Special Gem (Link has to be changed since the account was recently hacked)
If you wanna ask more about me, feel free to ask me.
(But then again, you wont, so never mind)

Race: Maned wolf, special breed know as the Moonware (They lived on the moon, he is the last of his kind)
Age:.. Unknown, His race was known for living decades if not centeries, he appers to look in his 20s however.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Body: 6.1 ft, 195 Ibs
Ref sheet (Thank you Hexy :D)

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A horde of giant bees Dec 10 @ 5:19pm 
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Very good at TF2
Also just a very respectful, polite person in general. Very nice to talk with.
Cobalt Nov 19 @ 10:22am 
Dr.Bullets Nov 13 @ 6:06pm 
it's me or he inspires me to see more of the good things in life
and to be more open to new things and people instead of just looking at what i did wrong in the past

thanks poe. : ) you are truly a good person

and yes a did read the part that you say that no one really reads this stuff XD
The Blue Penguin Aug 8 @ 8:22pm 
Hes an unreasonably good scout. :maglike:
Archany Jul 11 @ 9:28pm 
Cool dude. :2017stickycrab:
Jorclai Apr 11 @ 12:54pm 
+rep fish