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Temporary review. WIll update later.

Reasons I like PUBG (my opinions):
- Currently best game of its genre (Battle Royale)
- First person only mode (I don't like 3rd person shooters)
- Matchmaking is instant, 100-player games fill in seconds
- Being able to trade or sell loot boxes on steam market
- Updates are constantly fixing and improving things
- Despite its shortcomings, PUBG is still very fun to play with friends

Reasons why I'm currently giving the game a downvote (my opinions):
- Developers banning people for "stream-sniping" is disgusting
- Developers banning people for completely justified friendly-fire is disgusting
- Developers banning people for "exploits" in an early access game is disgusting
- There's still an enormous number of gamebreaking bugs
- Overall gameplay still feels incredibly clunky
- Looting is still headache inducing and feels really bad most of the time
- Vehicles can still glitch out and kill you for no reason
- Netcode and hit-detection aren't great, and I don't think they can ever completely fix that
- Horribly unoptimized (I can run it just fine, but most of friends cannot)
- Melee is still a sick joke

I don't regret my purchase (especially because I made most of my money back already by selling loot), but at $30 PUBG is a shakey recommendation at best. This is one of those games that feels like absolute trash, but you put up with because it has some really good moments. There's a lot of downtime where you're just walking or looting, but each time you win a match it's such an exhillirating feel. Overall I wouldn't recommend this to anyone in its current state, unless you've got a group of friends to play with, because it's just way too rough around the edges and the developers have been making some terrible decisions lately with the player bans and policy changes.

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