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CSGOEmpire is a Service for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. Right here everyone can try their luck and get awesome skins by depositing CS:GO items for coins. With your coins you can gamble on roulette and have a chance to get 2x or even if you're lucky enough to get 14x!

Official moderator and support agent for CSGOEmpire.


MAXSMURFS is a site that offers accounts across all ranks and levels including prime accounts! Its a really quick, easy and cheap way to get an account to play on right away! You can buy a fresh new account from $7.49

Use code NACL at checkout for 5% off a account https://maxsmurfs.com/


I will ignore if you're level 0 on Steam.
I will ignore if you have private profile/inventory, no games or no playtime.
I know my prices so don't try to tell me how much it's worth.
I know all the textbook scams.
Please do not add me if you plan to never go on Steam
I do not use a middle man
Comment on my profile before you add me. (If this step is ignored you will be too)

Cash Deal Policy
I have a PayPal if you would prefer to use that.
I could put the item on the steam market if you want to purchase it there


GPU - MSI GTX 1070 8G
CPU - i5 6600k
Mobo - MSI Z170A GAMING M5
RAM - 16 GB Kingston Hyper X
SSD - Samsung 250GB
HDD - Seagate 2TB
Cooler - Corsair H100i v2
PSU - Corsair 800 Watt
Case - NZXT Noctis 450
OS - Windows 10 Pro

(More information about each server below)

> CSGOEmpire - Moderator & Support Team
> CSGOWorld - Moderator
> Delta.gg - Community Manager/Owner
> Dominant-Slayer (DS Gaming) - Community Manager
> Prestige Gaming - Admin
> Frostfire Gaming - Community Leader
> Static Servers - Overseer
> Sunfire Gaming - Head Organizer


> CSGOWorld - CS:GO Gambling Website
> Delta.gg - CS:GO Gaming Network
> DS Gaming - CS:GO Gaming Network
> Prestige Gaming - CS:GO, GMOD and TF2 Gaming Community
> Frostfire Gaming - Minecraft Gaming Network
> Static Servers - GMOD Gaming Community
> Sunfire Gaming - Teamspeak Server That Hosted RIOT Sponsored League of Legend Tournaments


How old are you? 18
What grade are you in? Grade 12/Senior
What is your highest rank achieved on CS:GO? LEM
What does "NaCl" mean? Chemical Formula for Table Salt
Are you interested in trading? Yes
Where do you live? Toronto,Ontario, Canada
Can I have free skins? No
Do you charge for boosting? Yes, message me for a price
Where do you bet? CSGOWorld
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Surprised Jul 6, 2017 @ 7:20pm 
im commenting so i can add you i dont want to break any of the rules and get banned from your profile please give me the thicc goodly skins on yoru csgo account csgo is a game that i frequently play and do enjoy thanks