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Currently Online
Mount and Blade: Warband (Napoleonic Wars) History
:steamhappy:1st Place North American Napoleonic Wars League Season 8 League 2 (15e)
:steamhappy:1st Place North American Regional Groupfighting League (Team Pacific)
:steamhappy:1st Place North American Napoleonic Wars League Season 7 League 1 (Nr8[LG])
:steamhappy:1st Place North American Premier Season 2 (Nr8[LG])
:steamhappy:1st Place Cytiuz 1v1 Linebattle Tournament (Nr8[LG])
:steamhappy:1st Place Rex's 2nd 6v6 Groupfighting Tournament (Nr8[LG])
:steamhappy:2nd Place North American Napoleonic Wars League Season 6 League 2 (USMC)
:steamhappy:2nd Place Napoleonic Wars Golden League (Nr8[LG])
:steamhappy:2nd Place Dan The Chef 5v5 CTF Tournament (Chefs of Swaziland)
:steamhappy:3rd Place North American Regimental Groupfighting League Season 1 (USMC)

Current Regiment:
Leib-Grenadiers (Unteroffizier)

Past Regiments:
:warplate1:30th Cambridgeshire Reform (Lieutenant)
:warplate1:4th Prince of Wales Volunteers (Corporal)
:warplate1:United States Marine Corps (1st Lieutenant)
:warplate1:Leib-Grenadiers (Unteroffizier)
:warplate1:15e Régiment d'infanterie légère (Sergent Major)
:warplate1:9e Régiment d'infanterie légère (Corporal)
FightirZz May 25 @ 8:20am 
YouTube face cam of you throwing gang signs
Glenn May 18 @ 12:26pm 
James May 17 @ 8:46am 
this guy chokes like barcelona with the same lineup but without messi
[51st] Kuni ♰ May 11 @ 10:21pm 
BBG TheJollyCanadian May 11 @ 8:54pm 
This man actually has the nerve to try and steal my ID
Lice [Gone for Boot Camp] May 11 @ 9:31am 
I am suffering from Jock Itch. Please help me.