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Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:52pm

Workers of the World Unite

Win a game as the USSR.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:43am

Star-Spangled Banner

Win a game as the USA.
Unlocked Mar 2 @ 7:52am

Welcome to the New Millennium

Win a game in final scoring.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:43am

Something Up My Sleeve

Win a game by getting 20 VP before final scoring.
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 4:15am

Go for the Jugular

Win a game by controlling Europe.
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 7:44am

Mutually Assured Destruction

Win a game with DEFCON 1.
Unlocked Mar 8 @ 5:00am

The Only Way to Play

Win a game with Wargames.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:43am

How about a nice game of chess?

Win a game against the AI Player.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 6:22am


Lose a game against the AI Player.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:52pm

Taste of Victory

Win an online game.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:52pm

Killer of Giants

Win an online game against an opponent with a rating at least 300 higher than yours.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 9:43am


Win a game in the Early War.
Unlocked Mar 2 @ 6:44am

The Stevenson Conundrum

Win a game due to the Victory Point Track when your opponent has Domination in at least 4 regions.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 6:08am

Way of Life

Gain Domination in a region.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 6:39am

The Race is On

Be the first player in a game to advance in the space race.
Unlocked Feb 25 @ 10:23am

Emperor of Southeast Asia

Score 8 VP when Southeast Asia Scoring is played.

In from the Cold

Complete the tutorial.

Thirteen Days

Win a game via Cuban Missile Crisis.

It Will Not Stop Until You Are Dead

Lose a game against the AI Player in final scoring.

Rocket Man

Win a game after reaching the end of the space race track.

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