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Posted: Sep 26, 2017 @ 6:59pm

Jazz Asante was my friend LemonSoup's first character. She was captured by Glitchers while on a mission to raise the funds needed to buy the equipment necessary to kill the Foundry officer who murdered her daughter.

Caeli Alphecca was a character who appeared in my bar with the personal mission to rescue her friend, Jazz Asante, from the Glitchers. I was informed that I would be able to play as LemonSoup's character, Jazz Asante, if I completed this mission.

Caeli immediately got to work. She was not a good person. Caeli Alphecca had 0 knockouts on record because she would kill everyone she encountered. This monstrous methodology allowed her to quickly accumulate vast amounts of wealth and gear, and soon she was ready to take on her personal mission to rescue Jazz Asante from the Glitchers.

One ship of dead Glitchers later, Jazz Asante was free. She had a meagre inventory and meagre funds. But her daughter's killer was still out there, and she needed him dead before she could retire.

Enemies on her daughter's killer's ship was armoured. Jazz worked her way through many missions to afford a silenced quickfire armour-piercing rifle. She also picked up a concussion hammer along the way.

Jazz was finally ready to confront her adversary. She boarded the ship, shot nine people, and made her way to her target. He was standing in front of a window. Ms Asante sheathed her rifle, equipped her concussive hammer, and smashed that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ right through the glass into space.

The resulting vacuum also sucked Jazz into space, but she remotely piloted her pod to retrieve her. She was already docking at one of the ship's airlocks when her daughter's killer finally asphyxiated.

The fiend was dead, but his friends still drew breath. Jazz took a page from her friend's book and murdered everyone on the ship. When the last bullet pierced through the armour and the heart of the final enemy, Jazz felt peace.

She flew back to home station, shared a brief toast with Caeli, and walked off to retirement. Before going, she left behind her Silenced Quickfire Armour-Piercing Rifle and named it appropriately.

If, on one of your space adventures, you should ever encounter a unique weapon previously owned by Jazz Asante, I hope you remember this story, and I hope Smooth Jazz serves you as well as it served me.
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