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✧ About me ✧
✝My name is Matas, but call me enzy.
✝I'm 14 years old, I live in Lithuania.
✝I don't really trade, when I need or want something I usually buy it on the market, but I don't do like serious trading.
✝Some of my favourite YouTubers: Bucks, Anomaly, NadeKing, MattCS, Sparkles, FakeJake, NickBunyan, Waffle, MrBeast.
✝Some of my favorite Pro players: Guardian, Kvik, Scream, S1mple, Kennys, Stewie2k.

✧ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ✧
Rifle: AK-47, AWP.
Pistol: Desert-Eagle, USP-S, CZ75-Auto.
Map: Mirage, Inferno, Cache.
MM: Legendary Eagle (LE)
WM: Master Guardian 2 (MG2)

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✪ nitr0 8 hours ago 
as tau pinigu nemoku tu savo noru jiem ciulpi
☆ ★ Tosik ★ ☆ 9 hours ago 
+rep sorry XDDD
✪Flingel Gamdom.com 21 hours ago 
+rep hs machine
✪ nitr0 Jul 22 @ 8:29am 
-rep piderastas ciulpe betkam kas stovi afk arba netik afk

Rich Jul 22 @ 6:51am 
+rep nice guy