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Posted: Jan 22 @ 1:09am
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I picked this game the Crew Ultimate edition on a steam sale. The Crew game is online and cloud based so a internet connection is required to play. The complete or ultimate edition is the way to go if you want to get this game. It features Calling All Units (police cars) and the Wild Run Expansion and multiple cars packs included (Season pass).

The Crew has been updated significantly from it's original release in 2014 which I had already on Xbox 360. This new version with The Wild Run expansion dlc adds some weather effects (mostly rain and wet roads), Motorcycles and best of all in my opinion, MONSTER TRUCKS.


Some notes for new users:
The game is not without some drawbacks. The main one I have found is the cloud-based online necessity. Any maintenance done by Ubisoft will close down the game. This doesn't happen every week but if you are considering purchasing the game, be aware and prepared of some possible down time. The User interface takes some getting used to and you may experience the occasional in game lock-up/crash. None of which took away my enjoyment from this game by the way because of it's rarity.

It takes patience and some grinding (doing stunts, driving, few early missions) for a few days to be able to purchase the higher end vehicles such as any Monster Truck and upgrade spec.)
(Note: Monster Trucks do not unlock until a few prologue missions are completed.)

At the start the vehicles are expensive in the game but later can be discounted with perk points. Many are 500,000 to 1 Million of in-game money which thankfully isn't all that difficult to earn when you learn how.

Story Missions
The Story Missions have been one of my least favorite parts of this game. May not be for you. Yet in order to access the hidden vehicles located throughout the 5 sections on the map (West, Mountain, South, Mid, East coast) headquarters in those areas must be set up in addition to Detroit (main headquarters). The story missions must be completed to open all of those Headquarters.

At the start of each mission a vehicle level is recommended by the game in order to complete the mission successfully. However, I have found those default numbers are greatly flawed. For the best opportunity to successfully complete the story missions I recommend a level 800 and higher level vehicle.


Overall, gameplay for the updated version of the Crew is fantastic on a PC. (I have lower end system, GTX 750ti 4gb and Amd Phenom 945 x4 with 8 gb ram and the game runs exceptionally smooth with moderately high graphics settings. Anti Aliasing to 4x is the only thing that really drops my framerate in this game.


The map in the crew is a miniature version of the United States and it's fun to play in to say the least. It's quite huge and there is lots to do. There are mountains, streams, lakes, cities, deserts, trees, roads and surprises including the occasional floating car. The weather engine has been improved in the Crew Wild Run but this is not the best part of the game by any means. Good yes, Great no. The transitions from rain to a sunny day is unrealistic and quick and where is the snow on a cloudy day in the mountains? And I have yet to see a thunderstorm or even heavy rain but having weather is better than having none is good.
The car models look nice and are fun to drive even if the handling isn't the best but I will discuss that below. There are planes, helicopters, trains, blimps, balloons, animals and people all over the place in this game. Perhaps too many but I guess it's not called Wild Run for nothing.

If you are not too particular about vehicle handling but love to drive fast cars, collect fast cars, trucks and motorcycles or even want to do jumps in a Monster Truck you might like this game.
You purchase these vehicles from in-game money you earn as you drive around the map doing stunts, missions and exploring the country. Purchased vehicles can be upgraded to perform better. And in case you wondered, IMO the added motorcycles, Monster Trucks and police cars are simply a blast to drive and play with. They alone are the best reason to purchase this game.

The User Interface in the Crew might take some getting acquainted with to better understand it. At least for me, figuring out how to acquire friends or send them on missions (which they don't actually do) to earn more in-game money didn't seem to be as understandable as it could be. A controller is highly recommended to fully enjoy the game. By the way, I have an Xbox 360 wired controller plugged into the computer and the game works fantastic with it.


Aside from the online connectivity frustrations at times and the redundancy in Story Missions, I found four words to best describe this game. OPEN ROAD, MONSTER TRUCKS

Get the Ultimate Edition of the Crew including Calling All Units on a steam sale and it's great fun. (Find me online Isaiah53six)
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