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I love baseball and loved playing Bases Loaded from the Nintendo days.
Super Mega Baseball : Extra Innings is a little like that with its arcadey cartoonish style but with updated graphics, animations, and sound. The pace of gameplay (at least when playing against the computer) is quite fast and almost too fast in my opinion.

I need to delve into this game more to see what settings can be changed besides team customization but for a sale price, this is an okay baseball game especially if you are looking for computer baseball game that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Posted June 25.
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I am not a fan of survival games but this one is actually worth getting into if the frame rates would stabilize. Subnautica features Survival modes and Creative Mode (if you feel like you want a leisure building exploration game).

Buyer Beware - Irregular frame-rates nearly ruin the experience
I have read about the frame-rate stutter, lag and massive drop that this game causes even on the best of hardware. My system isn't in the category of great but certainly it falls within the minimum requirements to play the game. (Phenom II x4 945, 8gb ram, GTX 750 ti 4gb) I have never seen a game stutter as much as this one.
So realizing my computer is old, I figured I would try the game on lowest, medium and highest settings and see how it runs.

No Change
I get massive frame-rate drops when just moving around or simply leaving the life pod regardless of the graphics settings I choose (including console changes). I would be happy with an even fps even if it could be at 30fps. It's my opinion this game isn't quite ready for prime-time because of the frame-rate issues. (If the game world wasn't so beautiful I might not recommend it simply for the frame-rate irregularities. )

Overall The Game Has Potential to be Great
Beautiful game world to explore with terror lurking just around the next biome. Recommend this game but only slightly due to poorly optimization issues. Perhaps your computer is a beast and you won't see much frame-rate loss or lag at all.
Posted June 10. Last edited June 14.
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Early Access Review
This review is for the Early Access version of Flashing Lights. I will update as more improvements are added.

There is fantastic potential for the future of this game. The developer is on the right track for creating a solid first responder sim.

yes there are. Things don't always look right and NPC cars fly randomly. It's early early access.

The graphics are okay for the early state of the game. The map is already bigger and better looking than we saw in Enforcer: Police Crime Action. (no waiting for screen to load new areas)

More call-outs are being added. Currently there are things to do in addition to Callouts like being able to pull someone over randomly for drunk driving, or checking speed or giving parking tickets.

Currently, the controls are a bit wonky when only using the mouse and keyboard for driving. Setting up a controller like an xbox 360/xbox One) controller is the difference between a good game experience and a frustrating experience. (Also the game easily detects controllers plugged in even after game has already started)

Police siren and lights are decent.
However the sound of the police car's engine is not pleasant to listen to (IMO) but I expect more tweaking and improvements as time goes on.

Need variety in NPC's and player selections
Driving could be a little smoother and please remove the screeching tires sound whenever the wheel is turned.

Overall, great start for a Police Fire EMS sim. I recommend Flashing Lights if you have patience and especially if you been wanting to play an open world emergency, Police sim/game.
I believe it's important to support the development of these types of open world first responder games since there is not much available in this category.
Posted June 8. Last edited June 17.
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Sail to town, trade goods, fight a pirate ship or two, repeat. I found this game only fun for a few hours at a time. Replayability might be limited but I have only played it in single-player. I like that this game has no story mode. You are free to play as you wish. May go back to it again in the future.
Recommend picking up Windward during a sale especially if you like ship and trading games.
Posted May 25.
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Depth Hunter 2 is a leisure style game of underwater exploration in 1st person view. You catch fish to get coins or take pictures all the while completing tasks which will allow for a few equipment upgrades (although I didn't notice much of difference on speed with the fin upgrades compared to what you start with)

Game length and story?
The game lacks content in terms of a story and with the variety of fish and see creatures especially for the long term but what is here might be worth checking out if you have interest in a no frills relaxing underwater experience.

What about predators?
I didn't find much in way of getting killed by predators besides crabs and jellyfish which only knocks your oxygen level down a bit. If you're wondering, Sharks are harmless in these waters.

Graphics and sound are decent to good but nothing earth shattering.

For some this game will be extremely boring but others will enjoy the laid back no pressure style this game offers. Get the game including the added DLC in a bundle on a steam sale. (Also you can try the Demo which I highly recommend)
Posted May 23.
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I believe this game is overrated.
The game has nice music and the colors in the game are completely dandy in the artwork. However, the graphical presentation because it is basically animated artwork makes this game appear too childlike and simplistic for my liking. I look for realism in the graphical presentation whether it be people, cars, planes, water, ocean, grass, fish etc. and this game misses the mark for me. I also enjoy more games geared toward freeroam rather than story. This game directs the player too much to follow their story which I didn't like.
You may or may not enjoy playing an animated artwork underwater sea game. I didn't so much. For that reason I cannot recommend this game. (Yes Steam a sliding scale would be nice in cases such as this.)
Posted May 17.
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Submerged has a nice graphical presentation with soothing music but I had trouble with keeping interest to continue this game. One must do a lot of climbing in order to progress in the game/unlock the story which for me was a tedious but not very rewarding experience.
This game is not a bad game in terms of bugs or crashes as it works nicely and is a leisure game. Depending on your style of gaming interest, you may greatly enjoy Submerged. However, Submerged isn't a favorite of mine therefore I cannot recommend this game especially for the monotonous story driven style of gameplay.
Posted May 17. Last edited May 17.
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Does the game crash anymore?
Update 4/13/18: After completing nearly 60% of game and completing the story (15 chapters) have since encountered 2 crashes in free roam.

That is what I was curious to find out. I bought Lego City Undercover during a steam sale.
As other reviewers have mentioned this game must be mostly fixed because it has been a joy to play even on my older computer at 1920x1080 even while in split-screen two player co-op. Yes two people can play at the same time! No crashes after completing all 15 chapters and now to fully explore the city!
There has been only one small hiccup when I got stuck in an elevator at the start of one mission and had to exit to the police station and restart the mission.
(Important note: I would only recommend playing this game with a controller. The keyboard seems cumbersome. (I use a wired USB Xbox 360 controller and it works fantastic.)
(My system: AMD Phenom II 945 quad core, 8 gb ram, Graphics GTX 750ti 4gb)

What did I think of the game overall?
I have not been a fan of the controlled mission areas found in PC Lego games until I found Lego City Undercover.
Lego City Undercover proves that it IS possible to make a fun driving, flying, climbing, jumping, falling, family friendly open-world adventure puzzle game all while playing as a police officer. The game style has essence of GTA without the profanity, prostitution and gore. (Legos break but that's about it.)

The biggest negative aspects I have found so far IMO which haven't been game breaking (mostly disappointing) is the repetition found when completing tasks and the train has no horn. Really? Vehicles have horns or sirens so why not a train horn? The Devs missed something that could have been truly epic with this one.
Sounds: Some of the environment sounds, (police sirens, city folk comments) might get annoying hearing them over and over.
Saving games: The save feature is autosave which means the game saves automatically after each Mission/Chapter and when achievements are made. However, if you exit while in the middle of a mission/chapter the progress made up to that point will be lost (must restart Chapter/Mission). Good to note: You can pause a Mission if you need to take a break.

Should you buy this game?
I highly recommend Lego City Undercover especially if you are looking for a family friendly open world style game with mostly easy but sometimes challenging puzzles even for adults. Lego City Undercover has humor, some good and bad jokes (all clean) along with 100's of Lego vehicles and characters to collect.
This game is worth $15 -$30. So get it on a steam sale and it's a great deal.
Posted April 7. Last edited April 13.
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It's nice. For the USA fans of CS this is a soccer stadium. The players actually animate on the field which is cool. Still waiting for USA MLB baseball and American Football stadiums.
Posted February 19.
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This is review is for Steam Link. I purchased Steam Link without the Steam controller on a steam sale at $4.99.

Does it work?

Overall, this product does what is intended which is to stream games and the (host computer's desktop) to another TV/Monitor located in another room (which is connected to the Steam Link via HDMI Cable).

Wireless vs. Wired Connection
I tried streaming some games from my computer wirelessly and also via a wired connection. Both options gave me the same mixed result. Some games stream better than others. For example, the Crew Wild Run game was playable but I noticed the picture quality was slightly degraded (pixelated) from the original, regardless of if I was using a wireless or wired connection. As of this review I have not been able to get X-plane 11 working correctly at all through the steam link. Your experience may be different. Other games worked fine and even looked like their original on the host computer.
Important to note: The computer desktop is also usable via Steam link which can be handy if you want to browse the web.

I attached a mouse, keyboard and wired Xbox 360 controller to the Steam Link. As of this review I have not been able to get the keyboard connected directly to Steam Link working within certain games that include separate overlays. The wired Xbox Controller works fine. (Apparently, the host computer will take control of any keyboard and sometimes the mouse that is connected to the Steam Link. )

My Final Recommendation
Steam Link could be a viable option if you want to play games on another monitor located in another room. However, there probably will not be a time without trial and error to get things working and some games may not work correctly or at all. You have to try it and see. Therefore, I only recommend purchasing Steam Link during a Steam sale under $10.
Posted January 24. Last edited January 24.
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