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At first glance 911:First Responders/Emergency 4) doesn't seem all that appealing and had a slight learning curve for me.
By default this game features European emergency vehicles and sirens only but the game excepts MODS. The Los Angeles MOD introduces American vehicles and sirens into the game making it highly worth playing.

The graphics are decent for an older game and the game even runs on my older system.

After a short time I thought the in-game police, fire and paramedic commands became repetitive and borderline annoying. The good news is these sounds can be changed and even deleted entirely if you so choose!

I found the default camera views also limiting but they can be altered (slightly) in the games config file.

This game allows MODS and file editing which is the only reason I purchased the game. There are some great mods out there for this game.
The games config files can be altered to suit your tastes. (example: the number of callouts/events, select events, weather, starting funds, etc. )

As a newbie unfamilier with this style of game, I think the multiple and overlapping callouts/events are a bit overwhelming (especially when trying to learn how the game works). The good news is that it's entirely possible (and recommended) to edit the frequency of events among other game settings.

Despite a somewhat limiting camera view (takes getting used to; It's NOT SimCity) and some minor in-game MOD related glitches, the ability to add MODS and edit game settings make 911:First Responders still relevant and highly recommended. At $5 it's a great deal.
Posted August 16. Last edited August 16.
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In light of the fact most reviews for this game have been negative (due mostly to developer abandonment) I had extremely low expectations for this game. I should note that I was able to purchase this game for $5 with a steam sale. Now after playing the game for over 10 hours I have decided this game needed a new honest perspective.

Since the developers seem done improving this game, I don't believe the game is worth more than $10 in its current state. The main reason is its age. This is a dated game with minimal features compared with today's standards in games. If you can get at a low cost, it's probably worth it.

I think it mostly depends on you. Everyone is different so it depends on what types of games you enjoy playing. If you find yourself still interested after you have read this review AND can get it for a low price, I would recommend it.

If you have ever played Police Quest from the 1990's, this game reminds me of an open world, updated version of that with some tweaks. I enjoy the old 1990's sim style games which this game vastly improves upon. For me this game is a simpler form of Police Quest III: The Kindred without the story-line or the updated vehicle abilities. For me, Nostalgia is the biggest reason for why this game is fun to play and definitely worth my time.

The graphics are NOT the latest and the greatest but it gets the job done, especially if you like nostalgia police sim games. The sounds of the police car siren are great and the lighting options are nice! I have found the game as a whole a relaxing break from the usual high energy, fast paced shootout style games of today. In this game, you are given the choice of patrolling at leisure which involves random police procedures and also given choices to participate or ignore missions and calls as they occur.

What many reviewers have failed to note is that this game can be tweaked (ability to change in game costs, money, levels etc.) in the source file folder which makes this game slightly better (and playable) especially if you like messing with settings. Many of the annoying game limitations (such as time on duty and off) and other event/callouts settings can be altered!

Be aware that there some noticeable graphical bugs in the game although I haven't experienced any complete game crashes yet.

The AI car speed is too slow (30mph) and vehicle steering mechanics are not very good especially if compared with modern driving games.
Cars will get stuck at intersections causing wrecks, your personal car can lock up if you try to use the siren/lights and sometimes people will appear to respond until a correct procedural order is followed according the game requirements. In my experience this didn't occur often but it can become frustrating trying to get someone to get out of their car or to get them to stop their car.

Sometimes an AI person will shoot at you but since aiming can be difficult you will be shot. A better aiming system could be implemented (a further aiming shooting ability) would help with this.
The actual game city is quite small and bland (no people actually inside the buildings). The city could be expanded or even have multiple cities which would make this game greater.
It is worth noting that there is quite a bit of terrain to cover now.

The police station cannot really be entered. Entering a police station and exploring it would make this game even better.
The game doesn't have fast travel capabilities as modern games do (unless you use the taxi off duty only).
The map could be integrated instead of broken up into sections.
AI driving needs improvement.
There should be other police cars, more random AI traffic and less people walking around.
Ability to customize character (skin color, person, clothes,uniform) would enhance the game even more.
There should be a police backup option.
Full Xbox controller support TOGETHER WITH the keyboard would help. (Although there are ways around this through third party controller apps)

There are many more possible improvements for Enforcer but as it stands as a low budget Indie game I have enjoyed what it offers at the $5 price point.
Posted July 6. Last edited August 16.
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This review is for the PC version of the game. The map size is the largest and most beautiful I've seen in a game and the ability to enter so many types of vehicles from boats, to cars to planes to helicopters makes this game quite fun to say the least. Aside from a few opening missions I haven't found missions or mandatory challenges getting in the way of allowing the player to explore the vastness and beauty of the map at ones own pace. I found it good to slow down and to enjoy the experience of exploring locations using different vehicles and mods otherwise the game is repetitive if only trying to find weapon and other parts or creating chaos. Of course the ability to add mods to this game add another dimension of awesomeness to use and explore in the game.
Posted February 28. Last edited February 28.
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Very good game and fun to play although being from the United States I wish it had a more American "look" (cars, buildings, signs) without the need for mods. But with Mods this game is really fantastic and adds even more fun to the game experience.
Posted May 1, 2016.
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