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Does the game crash anymore?
Update 4/13/18: After completing nearly 60% of game and completing the story (15 chapters) have since encountered 2 crashes in free roam.

That is what I was curious to find out. I bought Lego City Undercover during a steam sale.
As other reviewers have mentioned this game must be mostly fixed because it has been a joy to play even on my older computer at 1920x1080 even while in split-screen two player co-op. Yes two people can play at the same time! No crashes after completing all 15 chapters and now to fully explore the city!
There has been only one small hiccup when I got stuck in an elevator at the start of one mission and had to exit to the police station and restart the mission.
(Important note: I would only recommend playing this game with a controller. The keyboard seems cumbersome. (I use a wired USB Xbox 360 controller and it works fantastic.)
(My system: AMD Phenom II 945 quad core, 8 gb ram, Graphics GTX 750ti 4gb)

What did I think of the game overall?
I have not been a fan of the controlled mission areas found in PC Lego games until I found Lego City Undercover.
Lego City Undercover proves that it IS possible to make a fun driving, flying, climbing, jumping, falling, family friendly open-world adventure puzzle game all while playing as a police officer. The game style has essence of GTA without the profanity, prostitution and gore. (Legos break but that's about it.)

The biggest negative aspects I have found so far IMO which haven't been game breaking (mostly disappointing) is the repetition found when completing tasks and the train has no horn. Really? Vehicles have horns or sirens so why not a train horn? The Devs missed something that could have been truly epic with this one.
Sounds: Some of the environment sounds, (police sirens, city folk comments) might get annoying hearing them over and over.
Saving games: The save feature is autosave which means the game saves automatically after each Mission/Chapter and when achievements are made. However, if you exit while in the middle of a mission/chapter the progress made up to that point will be lost (must restart Chapter/Mission). Good to note: You can pause a Mission if you need to take a break.

Should you buy this game?
I highly recommend Lego City Undercover especially if you are looking for a family friendly open world style game with mostly easy but sometimes challenging puzzles even for adults. Lego City Undercover has humor, some good and bad jokes (all clean) along with 100's of Lego vehicles and characters to collect.
This game is worth $15 -$30. So get it on a steam sale and it's a great deal.
Posted April 7. Last edited April 13.
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It's nice. For the USA fans of CS this is a soccer stadium. The players actually animate on the field which is cool. Still waiting for USA MLB baseball and American Football stadiums.
Posted February 19.
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This is review is for Steam Link. I purchased Steam Link without the Steam controller on a steam sale at $4.99.

Does it work?

Overall, this product does what is intended which is to stream games and the (host computer's desktop) to another TV/Monitor located in another room (which is connected to the Steam Link via HDMI Cable).

Wireless vs. Wired Connection
I tried streaming some games from my computer wirelessly and also via a wired connection. Both options gave me the same mixed result. Some games stream better than others. For example, the Crew Wild Run game was playable but I noticed the picture quality was slightly degraded (pixelated) from the original, regardless of if I was using a wireless or wired connection. As of this review I have not been able to get X-plane 11 working correctly at all through the steam link. Your experience may be different. Other games worked fine and even looked like their original on the host computer.
Important to note: The computer desktop is also usable via Steam link which can be handy if you want to browse the web.

I attached a mouse, keyboard and wired Xbox 360 controller to the Steam Link. As of this review I have not been able to get the keyboard connected directly to Steam Link working within certain games that include separate overlays. The wired Xbox Controller works fine. (Apparently, the host computer will take control of any keyboard and sometimes the mouse that is connected to the Steam Link. )

My Final Recommendation
Steam Link could be a viable option if you want to play games on another monitor located in another room. However, there probably will not be a time without trial and error to get things working and some games may not work correctly or at all. You have to try it and see. Therefore, I only recommend purchasing Steam Link during a Steam sale under $10.
Posted January 24. Last edited January 24.
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I picked this game the Crew Ultimate edition on a steam sale. The Crew game is online and cloud based so a internet connection is required to play. The complete or ultimate edition is the way to go if you want to get this game. It features Calling All Units (police cars) and the Wild Run Expansion and multiple cars packs included (Season pass).

The Crew has been updated significantly from it's original release in 2014 which I had already on Xbox 360. This new version with The Wild Run expansion dlc adds some weather effects (mostly rain and wet roads), Motorcycles and best of all in my opinion, MONSTER TRUCKS.


Some notes for new users:
The game is not without some drawbacks. The main one I have found is the cloud-based online necessity. Any maintenance done by Ubisoft will close down the game. This doesn't happen every week but if you are considering purchasing the game, be aware and prepared of some possible down time. The User interface takes some getting used to and you may experience the occasional in game lock-up/crash. None of which took away my enjoyment from this game by the way because of it's rarity.

It takes patience and some grinding (doing stunts, driving, few early missions) for a few days to be able to purchase the higher end vehicles such as any Monster Truck and upgrade spec.)
(Note: Monster Trucks do not unlock until a few prologue missions are completed.)

At the start the vehicles are expensive in the game but later can be discounted with perk points. Many are 500,000 to 1 Million of in-game money which thankfully isn't all that difficult to earn when you learn how.

Story Missions
The Story Missions have been one of my least favorite parts of this game. May not be for you. Yet in order to access the hidden vehicles located throughout the 5 sections on the map (West, Mountain, South, Mid, East coast) headquarters in those areas must be set up in addition to Detroit (main headquarters). The story missions must be completed to open all of those Headquarters.

At the start of each mission a vehicle level is recommended by the game in order to complete the mission successfully. However, I have found those default numbers are greatly flawed. For the best opportunity to successfully complete the story missions I recommend a level 800 and higher level vehicle.


Overall, gameplay for the updated version of the Crew is fantastic on a PC. (I have lower end system, GTX 750ti 4gb and Amd Phenom 945 x4 with 8 gb ram and the game runs exceptionally smooth with moderately high graphics settings. Anti Aliasing to 4x is the only thing that really drops my framerate in this game.


The map in the crew is a miniature version of the United States and it's fun to play in to say the least. It's quite huge and there is lots to do. There are mountains, streams, lakes, cities, deserts, trees, roads and surprises including the occasional floating car. The weather engine has been improved in the Crew Wild Run but this is not the best part of the game by any means. Good yes, Great no. The transitions from rain to a sunny day is unrealistic and quick and where is the snow on a cloudy day in the mountains? And I have yet to see a thunderstorm or even heavy rain but having weather is better than having none is good.
The car models look nice and are fun to drive even if the handling isn't the best but I will discuss that below. There are planes, helicopters, trains, blimps, balloons, animals and people all over the place in this game. Perhaps too many but I guess it's not called Wild Run for nothing.

If you are not too particular about vehicle handling but love to drive fast cars, collect fast cars, trucks and motorcycles or even want to do jumps in a Monster Truck you might like this game.
You purchase these vehicles from in-game money you earn as you drive around the map doing stunts, missions and exploring the country. Purchased vehicles can be upgraded to perform better. And in case you wondered, IMO the added motorcycles, Monster Trucks and police cars are simply a blast to drive and play with. They alone are the best reason to purchase this game.

The User Interface in the Crew might take some getting acquainted with to better understand it. At least for me, figuring out how to acquire friends or send them on missions (which they don't actually do) to earn more in-game money didn't seem to be as understandable as it could be. A controller is highly recommended to fully enjoy the game. By the way, I have an Xbox 360 wired controller plugged into the computer and the game works fantastic with it.


Aside from the online connectivity frustrations at times and the redundancy in Story Missions, I found four words to best describe this game. OPEN ROAD, MONSTER TRUCKS

Get the Ultimate Edition of the Crew including Calling All Units on a steam sale and it's great fun. (Find me online Isaiah53six)
Posted January 22. Last edited February 2.
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This review is based off of my steam purchase of X-plane 11 with a Steam sale. Most of the details I have included are for new users to X-plane.


User Interface (UI):

Pleasing to the eyes. The UI in X-plane 11 has been given a complete and welcome overhaul from past versions of the sim. Old and new users will find the settings easier to navigate and understand. Whether configuring a joystick, flight yoke or tweaking the sim’s graphics, the simple sliders, added search function and visuals make configuring X-plane 11 to your liking fun and intelligent.


Impressive. The lighting in X-plane 11 is simply amazing and in my opinion, more realistic than ever. Lighting is vastly brighter (and more realistic IMO) than previous versions of X-Plane ever were. There is a noticeable haze which is somewhat adjustable under weather visual settings and for me it enhances this sim.


Good. Aside from the ATC audio, general environment and aircraft sounds are quite realistic and pleasing. Audio for default X-plane 11 aircraft is generally acceptable. Aircraft audio will depend on the original quality of aircraft you download or pay for. (Payware aircraft tend to be more realistic both visually and sound-wise)


Clouds appear to be softer and whiter in X-plane 11 but my FPS did take at least a 10 point frame rate drop when flying in heavier fog/cloud layers unless you use a FlyWithLua shadow/cloud plugin which can help to improve frame-rates.

Frame-rates (FPS):

I have been pleasantly surprised by the improvement in frame-rates in X-plane 11 over X-plane 10. My system is quite old but even with my older processor (Phenom AMD Phenom II 945 Quad Core, 8 gbs Ram and the GTX 750 ti 4gb GPU ) I was able to hover around 30fps when flying in my hometown (KEKA, KACV)*. At these settings within the Seattle Demo Area I was able to get around 22-23 fps, clear day and even better FPS at night. )


Overall the default textures for terrain, buildings, road-networks, airports etc. are fantastic in X-plane 11. Days (and nights) are more realistic than ever in X-plane 11 with the new haze (particle system?) that has been added to the atmosphere. HDR lighting makes street lights, runways, and aircraft lighting look real. With a decent graphics card (the more memory the better) visual settings and lights will look great in your sim.

Combat mode and Scenerios:

X-plane 11 includes a combat mode which allows your aircraft to engage in combat with other AI air traffic. Pretty cool! Various scenerios such as glider tow, mid-air refueling, carrier take-off/landing, and space shuttle re-entry and landing are included.

Addons, Plugins and Tweaking

If you like tweaking, modding and using addons/plugins you will love X-plane 11 because adding custom content is a breeze in X-plane 11 and will enhance your sim. (The FlyWithLua plugin is a good example)


User Interface (UI):

If your are coming from X-plane 10 or even 9 you may miss the additional options for rendering that were available in those versions of X-plane. X-plane 11 has simplified the User Interface which is great but I do wish there was an Advanced Option built-in.


ATC in X-plane 11 make work more realistically than in it did in previous versions of X-plane but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried it yet. I find the synthesized voice that is used completely unbearable to listen to. Screeching tires sounds when braking still exist in the default Cessna 172.

Steering/ Controls:

It might be just me, but I find the steering/rudder controls of the default Cessna 172 and helicopter erratic and somewhat difficult to control on take-off. New users especially users coming from FSX may have some difficulty at first.


While generally clouds and fog in X-plane 11 are good we know they could be improved visually in terms of their shape, definition and overall appearance. Thunderheads and storm clouds should appear like tall menacing thunderheads (cumulus cloud) rather than layers of stratus. Contrails could be improved and made longer and whiter. I don't remember ever seeing a grey/black contrail.

*Note about X-plane's default airports (for new users):

Some default airports in X-plane 11 will not include buildings but updated airports which do include buildings, hangers and terminals are being added to X-plane via updates.


Try the X-plane 11 Demo first. See how it runs on your computer system.
If you enjoy flight simulators such as FSX or PrePar3d, I highly recommend X-plane 11 especially if you can get it on a steam sale.
Posted December 13, 2017.
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I really wanted this program CPUCores to work for me. But in my case, the results have been disappointing to say the least.

My computer is lower end (AMD Phenom II x4 945 processor) with 8 gigs ram, graphics card (use to be GTS 250 upgraded to GTX 750 Ti 4gb) running Windows 10 64-bit.

I have tested this app on a few games (Submerged, Project Highrise, FSX steam edition, and X-plane 11) along with programs outside of steam and have not noticed any significant help to my frame-rates. I would say if anything, based on my in-game tests I have lost a frame or two when using CPUCores. I have not been able to see a change for boosting FPS on programs outside of steam.

I tried to get a refund but Steam denied my request for using the program too long because it was open in the tray (notification area in windows 10).
I would gladly pay for a program that works for me. Instead I am left with a paid for program that hasn't lived up to the hype. Is it a scam? Maybe. For me it hasn't performed as advertised (or at all) but the developer still got my money. However, I will change my review if the situation can be remedied. At this time I cannot recommend this product.
Posted October 19, 2017. Last edited December 21, 2017.
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This review is for Project Highrise plus the available DLC (Las Vegas, Miami Malls and Tokyo Towers). I purchased this game as a bundle on a Steam sale which included the available DLC

Project Highrise in my opinion is not much like the old 1990’s Sim Tower. You can build a tall building with offices, hotels, restaurants and apartments but for me that is as close as those two games get. I consider Project Highrise more in line with a city builder such as Cities Skylines

In Project Highrise you get to choose the direction you want to take your building beside just up, whether it be by adding hotels, apartments, stores, businesses or a combination of all of these (must have the DLC).

For me there has been a slight learning curve to discovering the game’s mechanics and the tutorials only helped a little to get started. Playing with unlimited resources I found helps a lot (besides it's fun) in learning the game as well.

As of this review, I have not played Project Highrise (PH) without the DLC (Las Vegas, Miami Malls, and Tokyo Towers) These DLC give the game depth and variety with its added hotel building expansion which includes casinos, stores, art galleries, event venues, in addition to apartments, office and multi-level lobbies.

Both the graphics and sound of PH are decent but are nothing earth shattering. The game could do more with additional animations and sound effects which would add a little more vibrancy to the game.

In the main menu, there is an unlimited money feature which allows for more creative and faster building from the start. However, it’s important to note that even with the unlimited money and resources option enabled, not all in-game building options will be available at the start (although plenty will be) because tenants have requirements that must be met in order to place them in your building.

Project Highrise features optional contracts which are basically a checklist of goals and achievements you can obtain depending on the particular deal or contract you sign.
Note: Fulfilling contracts help build your wealth faster especially if you are not playing with unlimited resources

Tenants who you might wish to occupy a space in your tower will have needs or requirements that must be met before they can be placed in your building. Some have few needs like electricity and water while others might have more such as cleaning services, prestige, more restaurants placed in your building or trash-pick up services.

Prestige (stars) reflect the level of the good in your building and the happiness (or sadness) of your tenants and visitors. You gain and lose prestige stars by forming various actions in game or allocating space for specific tenants.

Unlike in Sim Tower, elevators in PH do not need to be monitored for capacity and usage times. However, their location does matter depending on what type of tenant you choose to locate nearby. Some businesses or apartments for example may not be happy if placed next to the elevators.

In addition, smells, noise levels etc, must be monitored to keep your tower dwellers happy.

This game has mods. Always a good thing.

One awesome thing I love about Project Highrise is the amount of space you have available to build your tower or towers. The player is actually given a few options in the main menu. There is Standard, Narrow, Short and Wide or Extra Large.

While the game can provide hours of fun, it has room for improvement. I list a few things here.
PH lacks music options during game-play. In fact there is only one soundtrack available and IMO was a poor choice for this game. Unless you enjoy repetitive elevator music, you may agree. The game would do well with music mod of some sort. Fortunately, the music can be turned off completely.

The current animations and sound effects in the game are fine but having additional animations, visuals and sound effects would further enhance the game’s overall quality, likeability and charm.

A faster third speed would be nice
Waiting for things to develop can be a looonnng wait. The current speeds available are normal and fast. Sometimes fast isn’t quite fast enough.

Escalators and Parking Spaces
Wish there were escalators and parking spaces.

Overall, I would highly recommend this game especially if you enjoy city builders and any Sim Tower style game. My nine-year-old daughter can also attest to the fun factor this game provides.

Get the game plus DLC in a bundle on a Steam sale for $10-$15 and it’s a great deal.

For an even more detailed review: https://tinkerxperience.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/review-how-does-project-highrise-rate-in-2017/
Posted October 7, 2017. Last edited October 7, 2017.
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FSX was a revolutionary simulator when it came out in 2006. Today in 2017, it still is fun to play but needs a graphical overhaul to make it great especially to keep up with X-plane 11 and other modern games. With addons whether free or payware, FSX steam edition can be made to look like a whole new flight simulator game. Of course, it still has setbacks in the realism department and internal coding constraints like being stuck in 32-bit rather than 64-bit architecture remain. A plus is, it runs on older computers which makes for a great nostalgic return down memory lane or if you're new to flight sims, makes for a great first low cost sim. Get it on sale and bundled with Rex clouds (or other favorite dlc), and you're off to a pretty good start to flying to your favorite city nearby!
Posted September 22, 2017.
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I don't recommend this game for a couple big reasons.
First, it is a buggy mess, occasionally crashes and lags greatly when Simcity 2013 does not. The graphics are glitchy at times, as is the overall gameplay.
Second, the graphics seem nice at first glance but the poor game mechanics ruin any semblance of niceness. No great looking animations just ugly looking people and buildings everywhere.
Overall I think the game is broken.
I didn't like this game and wouldn't recommend it even if it were free.
Posted September 1, 2017. Last edited September 1, 2017.
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At first glance 911:First Responders/Emergency 4) doesn't seem all that appealing and had a slight learning curve for me.
By default this game features European emergency vehicles and sirens only but the game excepts MODS. The Los Angeles MOD introduces American vehicles and sirens into the game making it highly worth playing.

The graphics are decent for an older game and the game even runs on my older system.

After a short time I thought the in-game police, fire and paramedic commands became repetitive and borderline annoying. The good news is these sounds can be changed and even deleted entirely if you so choose!

I found the default camera views also limiting but they can be altered (slightly) in the games config file.

This game allows MODS and file editing which is the only reason I purchased the game. There are some great mods out there for this game.
The games config files can be altered to suit your tastes. (example: the number of callouts/events, select events, weather, starting funds, etc. )

As a newbie unfamilier with this style of game, I think the multiple and overlapping callouts/events are a bit overwhelming (especially when trying to learn how the game works). The good news is that it's entirely possible (and recommended) to edit the frequency of events among other game settings.

Despite a somewhat limiting camera view (takes getting used to; It's NOT SimCity) and some minor in-game MOD related glitches, the ability to add MODS and edit game settings make 911:First Responders still relevant and highly recommended. At $5 it's a great deal.
Posted August 16, 2017. Last edited August 16, 2017.
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