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I am a little bit disappointed with the Origins update. I played No Man's Sky before the Origins update (with the gamepass Windows 10 version) and the first planet I landed on was lush with grass, beautiful trees and blue water. Many of the planets I discovered afterward featured abundant grass and there was usually a lake or pond somewhere on the planet. Now after the update No Man's Sky features arrid, exotic, dry or frozen barren and bland looking planets with harsh environments. Maybe your start wiill be different. But I've watched some videos on YT and their starts look like mine--Same bland planets with minimal to no grass or trees. And if there is grass, it's red.

UPDATE: I restarted my game and the planets were mostly the same but I did find a paradise planet with water which made the game a little better. But this game still needs black space (like space is) and way to remove the rainbow colored hyper-drive cruise lines. You can get mods for black space and to remove those lines but I thnk it should be an option in-game already since the game looks so much better with those two mods installed. As the planets are still repetitious, I would suggest if you don't like your starting planet, then restart until you find a planet you like better.....and do it before you get too far into the game.
Posted September 29. Last edited October 15.
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Visually stunning when its behaving itself

Allow at least 5 -9 hours.

graphical glitches and airport/city inaccuracies, some default aircraft instrument panels not fully operational. ATC needs improvement. Some people (including myself) have experienced the occasional crash to desktop (CTD) in mid-flight.

Joystick, keyboard, mouse essential. Xbox controller for camera views. Flight yoke system makes the whole flying experience even better

If you want or think you will want additional airports and planes get the Premium version

If you like flight simulators, have patience, can except possible game crashes to desktop
and have a mid to high-end gaming computer you will probably enjoy what the sim has to offer.
Posted August 18. Last edited September 19.
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I want to use Precision X1 because it allows adjustment of gpu fan speed, control of LED lights and displays some nice technical info but I have done some testing and have found it to be the culprit for some game crashes especially with ARK and benchmarking software. ( I also have many hours using MSI Afterburner software and it also causes game freezes as well) When Precision x1 is not loaded and running all of my games run fine. (Same goes for MSI Afterburner.) It's unfortunate because I really would like to better regulate fan speed and heat during gameplay.
Posted June 17. Last edited June 17.
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Charming cute nice looking game graphically speaking but the controls for climbing get wonkier as the levels go on. I am using a xbox controller and it was nearly impossible to climb certain places later on. If you can get it free it's worth it.
Posted June 11. Last edited June 11.
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Imagine you have access to all the baseball cards with all the players who have ever played the game of baseball up to 2020. Using each player's stats you are able to simulate games, years, seasons from any previous year, make trades, mix players, and more. The game is nearly 100% customizable (for example, removing or changing player injury frequency, leagues, rules). (IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not actually controlling players during a game (such as batting, pitching, fielding). However, You DO play as the manager of a team and can make gameplay decisions such as who's in the lineup, whether or not to bring in (or take out) a relief pitcher, etc. )

Which players are going to help you win? Which line-up and pitching staff is going to help you win more games? Which team has the better chance of winning or losing? This game is fun but sometimes this game can be frustrating especially when games don't go the way you think they should or as they have in real life. And sometimes this game makes you feel like you are a champion. But one thing is certain, this game has a way of sucking you in and not letting go.

Tip: I recommend you autosave and/or backup your game often because I have had a previous version of OOTP crash more than once without warning.
Posted May 19. Last edited May 19.
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Transport Fever 2 is like having a virtual model railroad in which you can "paint" and create a custom map and one that is better looking than Cities Skylines. Just watch out for those bears on the tracks.
Posted December 11, 2019. Last edited January 15.
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THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS: Simple observation here. Most, if not all the negative reviewers have disabled comments to their review (hit pieces) on Ylands. What are they afraid of? Most of their complaints are bogus or misleading since Ylands exploration isn't free2play as many claim.

PERSONAL GAME EXPERIENCE: When I first installed the game, I spent nearly 10 hrs hours exploring, built a large house, figured out how to use electricity and haven't paid a dime yet.
Good game especially if you like building things but want to build in a stress free game world.

UPDATE: spent more hours in the game and found if you remove the Creator Cube from your character the sandbox mode becomes survival mode if you want to experience that too. The Editor allows the option to create a world with more islands as well. What you get for free is well worth it (although far from perfect) but you do have to admit, it's better looking than Minecraft.

NOTE: the survival exploration world created by the Yland devs is not free but you can still make your own survival world for free
Creator and sandbox mode is free including all resources and tools (and remove the creator cube and any sandbox world becomes survival.)
Posted December 9, 2019. Last edited December 30, 2019.
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Early Access Review
The game characters have quite the silly animations and overall TABS is great fun to goof around with just to see what happens.

You can play single player or with a friend local co-op.
Game reminds me of a little bit of Autochess but TABS is much better.

Camera could use a little tweaking and a replay option would be nice.

Get this game in a steam sale and it'll be an even better deal of funness like playing with a large barrel of monkeys that attack.
Posted November 27, 2019. Last edited November 27, 2019.
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This might be a niche game. (And no I have never played theme hospital probably because it didn't interest me.)
As for Two Point Hospital, if you like micro management games with staff and managing make believe illnesses and then want to wait for unlockables so you can progress you might like this game. I didn't try sandbox mode (maybe it's more fun?). There is a charm to the graphics and soundtrack but I found there is more reading than I would like to make it re-playable for me. And why so many dlcs?

If it was on sale for around $5 it might be worth picking up....or if you like sims that allow micro-management without much reward.

My rating 5.5 (out of 10)
Posted September 2, 2019. Last edited September 2, 2019.
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Horizons DLC is necessary if you want to land on moon-like planets and drive the SRV recon vehicle in Elite Dangerous and you probably will. However just know that Elite Dangerous unfortunately doesn't allow landing on earth-like planets with atmospheres even with Horizons DLC....yet..... (hopefully someday sooner than later)
If you are new to Elite Dangerous, I think Horizons DLC is worth buying on sale with ED as a bundle (at least 70% off) such as the Commander deluxe edition bundle.

(Note: In case you wonder. Steam is showing zero hours of gameplay but I believe it's because it's a DLC integrated into the base ED game. The game is played through your Frontier account. )
Posted August 23, 2019. Last edited August 25, 2019.
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