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Imagine you have access to all the baseball cards with all the players who have ever played the game of baseball up to 2020. Using each player's stats you are able to simulate games, years, seasons from any previous year, make trades, mix players, and more. The game is nearly 100% customizable (for example, removing or changing player injury frequency, leagues, rules). (IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not actually controlling players during a game (such as batting, pitching, fielding). However, You DO play as the manager of a team and can make gameplay decisions such as who's in the lineup, whether or not to bring in (or take out) a relief pitcher, etc. )

Which players are going to help you win? Which line-up and pitching staff is going to help you win more games? Which team has the better chance of winning or losing? This game is fun but sometimes this game can be frustrating especially when games don't go the way you think they should or as they have in real life. And sometimes this game makes you feel like you are a champion. But one thing is certain, this game has a way of sucking you in and not letting go.

Tip: I recommend you autosave and/or backup your game often because I have had a previous version of OOTP crash more than once without warning.
Posted May 19. Last edited May 19.
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Transport Fever 2 is like having a virtual model railroad in which you can "paint" and create a custom map and one that is better looking than Cities Skylines. Just watch out for those bears on the tracks.
Posted December 11, 2019. Last edited January 15.
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THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS: Simple observation here. Most, if not all the negative reviewers have disabled comments to their review (hit pieces) on Ylands. What are they afraid of? Most of their complaints are bogus or misleading since Ylands exploration isn't free2play as many claim.

PERSONAL GAME EXPERIENCE: When I first installed the game, I spent nearly 10 hrs hours exploring, built a large house, figured out how to use electricity and haven't paid a dime yet.
Good game especially if you like building things but want to build in a stress free game world.

UPDATE: spent more hours in the game and found if you remove the Creator Cube from your character the sandbox mode becomes survival mode if you want to experience that too. The Editor allows the option to create a world with more islands as well. What you get for free is well worth it (although far from perfect) but you do have to admit, it's better looking than Minecraft.

NOTE: the survival exploration world created by the Yland devs is not free but you can still make your own survival world for free
Creator and sandbox mode is free including all resources and tools (and remove the creator cube and any sandbox world becomes survival.)
Posted December 9, 2019. Last edited December 30, 2019.
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Early Access Review
The game characters have quite the silly animations and overall TABS is great fun to goof around with just to see what happens.

You can play single player or with a friend local co-op.
Game reminds me of a little bit of Autochess but TABS is much better.

Camera could use a little tweaking and a replay option would be nice.

Get this game in a steam sale and it'll be an even better deal of funness like playing with a large barrel of monkeys that attack.
Posted November 27, 2019. Last edited November 27, 2019.
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This might be a niche game. (And no I have never played theme hospital probably because it didn't interest me.)
As for Two Point Hospital, if you like micro management games with staff and managing make believe illnesses and then want to wait for unlockables so you can progress you might like this game. I didn't try sandbox mode (maybe it's more fun?). There is a charm to the graphics and soundtrack but I found there is more reading than I would like to make it re-playable for me. And why so many dlcs?

If it was on sale for around $5 it might be worth picking up....or if you like sims that allow micro-management without much reward.

My rating 5.5 (out of 10)
Posted September 2, 2019. Last edited September 2, 2019.
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Horizons DLC is necessary if you want to land on moon-like planets and drive the SRV recon vehicle in Elite Dangerous and you probably will. However just know that Elite Dangerous unfortunately doesn't allow landing on earth-like planets with atmospheres even with Horizons DLC....yet..... (hopefully someday sooner than later)
If you are new to Elite Dangerous, I think Horizons DLC is worth buying on sale with ED as a bundle (at least 70% off) such as the Commander deluxe edition bundle.

(Note: In case you wonder. Steam is showing zero hours of gameplay but I believe it's because it's a DLC integrated into the base ED game. The game is played through your Frontier account. )
Posted August 23, 2019. Last edited August 25, 2019.
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It's okay. I think this game is more appealing for those who played a version of it in the 1980's or '90s. It's a nostalgia game for sure. I personally didn't know anything about it even having grown up during those years but then again I was into flight sims. It's still worth a go since it's cheap especially if you like retro piratey games and exploration.

My rating (out of 10): 5.7
Posted August 1, 2019.
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Yes it's a good game..but......I prefer to think of Elite Dangerous as a space simulator with some fictional game elements included.


There isn't any getting around it, Elite Dangerous is complicated to learn unless you are a rocket scientist, pilot, engineer or Frontier Dev.
With ED, you must have the desire to learn the basics such as how to fly and how space travel works using the Frame Shift Drive (FSD), dock at star-ports and outposts and map keys. (Note: Early ships include a auto dock and launch module but the tutorials do not use it- it's manual docking)
As you become familiar with the mechanics of the game you will want learn combat.etc. (It took me roughly 14hrs to learn how to fly and dock comfortably including a comfortable key-mapping setup for a thrustmaster joystick, keyboard, and xbox controller).

1. Don't feel bad if you takes you a long time to learn the basics. If you stick with it, you can learn how to enjoy this game. I am 130hrs + into this game and still feel like I have only just started.

2. One must learn the game terminology as you learn the key mappings. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the controls menu and take it slow. This game cannot be rushed.

3. Read the game manual. Gives a good overview of terms and the basics of how Elite Dangerous works. The manual is posted online on Frontiers site and in the in-game menu.

4. Do the basic flight and docking tutorials and they can be done as you are mapping/learning the keys to your keyboard, mouse, flight controller, xbox controller etc without the need to worry about losing your ship or credits.

5. Outside of the tutorial missions, if you crash you will lose your ship and any upgrades you may have added but will have the ability to buy the ship back at a lower price. Note: The starter ship the Sidewinder is 1000CR unless you upgrade it and purchase it than it will be valued more.

6. This game is online only which isn't always a good thing. I have had the game go down randomly and server maintenance also occurs once a week (Thursday) for a short time.
After doing some beginning tutorials, start in solo mode if you wish to practice. Open Play mode will allow interaction with other human players (I have heard that some players may harass new players but I haven't tried it yet to find out).

Elite Dangerous as a space game simulator can be great fun if you are willing to put the effort into learning what it has to offer.
Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC is also worth it, as it allows you to land on various planets (non earth-like ones) with the SRV (Surface Recon Vehicle). Get the Commander Deluxe Edition bundle on a Steam sale at it's a great buy.

My rating (out of 10): 8.5
Posted July 15, 2019. Last edited August 11, 2019.
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If you enjoy city or transport building sims and management style games you will probably like/love Planet Coaster.

General Summary: Build roller coasters and rides while you manage staff and the rides (yes, the rides do break down for which you will need a mechanic.) You can play various modes. Challenge, campaign or Sandbox/free play mode (unlimited money). I haven't played the scenarios as all my time has been in sandbox mode (100+ hours and counting).

Graphic quality: Good to excellent.
Something to keep in mind. Must have a high end computer to play this game otherwise you will probably be disappointed with the performance. (My computer is 16 gb ram, 8700k and gtx 1070ti 8 gb, and it still lags, stutters when building a park to fill the default map size.) There are also some anti aliasing issues visible at certain angles which for me slightly mar the overall quality level of the graphics.

Tips for first-time players: Before you really get into building a good park, practice using hot keys on a empty map. Here are a few of my favorites.
NO CLIP - In the menu camera settings, be sure the option NO Clip is selected. This allows movement through terrain ( otherwise building/moving/seeing underground will be impossible or difficult. )
Key Command T allows a first person camera view which is essential when building tunnels and general moving around the map.
X allows the precise placement of objects and rides without the camera moving (especially when you zoom in).

W A S D keys move the camera around the map. Hold SHIFT while pressing WASD keys to speed up the movement. When you have the T key pressed, Raise and lower the camera with Q and E keys. Note: If those keys rotate, then press T to enable first person view (freelook).

Ctrl Z will undo your last action and Ctrl Y will redo it.
Use the mouse with your other hand to select or move the camera.

When all else fails, watch a youtube video tutorial.

The path and track laying system could be improved (why the snapping to other nearby path pieces?) (Transport Fever gets it right) but in time you will understand how pathing works in Planet Coaster, so don't give up and have fun.

My rating (out of 10): 7.5

Get the game and dlc in a bundle on a steam sale and it's a great deal.
Posted June 27, 2019. Last edited June 28, 2019.
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As a former OTR truck driver (Werner Enterprises) I can say this game touches the basics for realism and especially the nostalgia associated with the trucking life!

Graphics: The graphics are generally good but the game has a early 2000 need for speed feel to it. The interface is highly functional but still seems a little dated with its large buttons, arrow cursor and limited graphical options. (Note: I recommend a good to great PC to run this game for the best experience.)

Gameplay: Great details including landmark buildings in bigger cities, weigh station and pre pass system, weather system, day and night cycle, buy your own truck, modify it and run a company.

Controls: You get to pick. Keyboard, Mouse and Controller/Wheel support or a combination of all. Keyboard driving is awful, imo.

Mods: This game is mod friendly. Updated and compatible mods do help this game in the realism department. Check out the steam workshop for mods.

Expansion Packs: There are not many available as of this review but they will give you more places to drive.

Realism: This game could improve how it blocks roads, detours, and how it handles road contstruction. Currrently construction zones are too short and need proper warning and signage at times. In game the Interstates can become ubruptly blocked without warning and there often are no side roads to the destination which would almost never be the case in real life. In addition, Semi trailers in the United States don't usually have more than 8 rear wheels unless there is a specific reason.

AI Traffic:
AI traffic could be improved to better respond to your presence and there is the occassional AI mishap with other AI vehicles including police cars crashing into cars.

Would love to see: It would be neat to have AI trucks acknowledge and flash their headlights for other trucks passing, signalling the all-clear to move over into the left lane as this is a common practice in real trucking life.

Final thoughts:
If you like driving simulators and/or want to pretend you're a truck driver in America, this game is fun and recommended in a steam sale. (Try the demo if you want to see the game before you decide)
My Rating (out of 10): 7.5
Posted March 26, 2019. Last edited March 28, 2019.
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