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19.4 hrs on record (7.9 hrs at review time)
Mostly a meaningless, grindy, repetitous, sandbox experience as you work to earn money and lead your virtual band to stardom. But it's that repetitious grind to get more money and hope for that big break.......which keeps me coming back.

In addition, Rising Star 2 doesn't hide it's early 2000's vibes, both graphically and in gameplay which also adds to the charm.
You can use your own music as a soundtrack for gigs and add/upload your own cities and attitudes to the game as well.

If you're unsure, as I was, the game has a demo (limited to getting 2 gigs).
Posted March 29.
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Over 160 hrs in X4 Foundations..... I think I'm gonna like Cradle of Humanity.

Is there a learning curve in X4? Check.
Some things don't always work as expected? Check.
Still worth the time it takes to learn the game? Check.
Better than Elite Dangerous? Check.
Better than No Man's Sky? Check.
Underrated space sandbox? Check.

Get all the DLC with base X4 foundations and enjoy the ride.

Posted March 17.
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Project Hospital is one of those games that the more you play the more you find its limitations. And yet even with some limitations this game is more fun than a hospital on a Saturday night and I don't even like going to the doctor.

If you ever wanted a more realistic feel to your doctor building simulation game (and with better looking people) Project Hospital is it.

If you like to build (think Sims style, Planet Coaster) this game is great for building. Just remember there are limitations such as smaller map sizes, placement of ambulance patient drop off is limited, controlling views can be wonky (a top down view would be nice), no copy and paste of individual objects and limited colors, doors, etc. (without mods).
However, even with such limitations if you enjoy creating and watching your building come to life after you build it, this game checks that box. There are even prefabricated rooms so you don't have to do much building if you don't want to.

There is a learning curve---at least two. For some the learning curve might be learning the in game medical procedures and terminology. For others it might be how to hire staff, room requirements, how to use the User Interface game modes or how to build a foundation without deleting the doctor's office next to it.
For me it's been that kind of fun and more. By the way, the first 2 tutorials were almost more frustrating than helpful. And that's when you know it's time to jump straight into sandbox mode, put free build on (unlimited money), unlock all buildings, and figure it out for yourself...oh and just enjoy the game. Be sure you save your game often so you can load in a backup should something go wrong along the way.

Highly recommended especially if you like building games and/or ever wanted to pretend you were a doctor. Get all the DLC in a Steam sale bundle and it's a good deal.
My rating 7 (out of 10)
Posted February 23.
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It's free and makes the gameplay a little more verstile. You get to play doctor and create customizable people.
Posted February 21.
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Essential part of the game. Highly recommended to create a more complete hospital experience. Comes with wheel chairs, helicopters and more.
Posted February 21.
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42.9 hrs on record (9.9 hrs at review time)
This review is for the singleplayer experience of Homestead

UPDATE AFTER 20 HRS in Homestead. This game just got even better when I discovered console commands/cheats are available for single player. Similar to Minecraft and other survival games using commands such as Give (followed by the item and/or quantity you want) you can pretty much do anything you want in the game. You can also change weather, health etc. Having the option is great especially if you want to have fun with spawning animals, NPCs, building (without the grind searching for raw resources). Want to be invincible to violent NPCs and aggressive animals? You can do that to with console command godmode. Enjoy.
I then spawned some gunslingers, some wolves and a grizzly bear and watched them fight some aggressive NPC's trying to kill me at a camp. That alone makes this game worth it.

Original review after 9hrs of gameplay

My overall game experience has been far better than many of the negative reviews would have you believe. Dare I say this game has even been fun? Yeah it's a fun yet challenging game (when it's saves properly of course).

If there ever was a game that was hoky, visually artsy, crazy, deep, challenging, silly, imaginative, funny and disgusting (at times), then this game is all of that and more.

FIRST, there are No missions. No tutorials. No hand holding.
The only missions are the ones you make through crafting, exploring, fighting, taming, etc.

You can play as a sheriff

You can play as an outlaw

You can play as a Indian (aka Native American)

You can play as the President

There is a game lottery and fun loot scratchers found in the newspaper

The crafting and skills system is deep and challenging

The game is open world

The game is a sandbox

You can make a "odd" family

Character animations and visuals can be downright odd but funny

There are scenarios you can start in giving you a few items including a place to live or not (if you choose the freedom option which gives you hardly anything, a bag and 2 cents.)

In the Praire scenario once I found the shipping container things began to open up.

The game gives options to change some starting settings such as starting cash, length of a day, energy, stamina, food etc.
I also suggest you mute the gore and disgusting sounds in the options menu unless you want those things in excess

Noted animals and people are aggressive when attacked and a even a lowly sheep will kill you if you're not careful. Once a mountain lion attacked me from behind my tent and I didn't have time to shoot.


Note the game isn't optimized and you probably will want a better than good computer and probably a SSD drive with at least 16gb ram to run this game. My computer specs ( i7 8700k, 16gb ram, gtx 1070ti 8gb 1TB SSD ) I wouldn't recommend anything less similar specs. So far the game has run decently on High custom settings. ( Note: Tried to run the game with a gtx 970 and cannot get it run without freezing. )

after 9hrs off and on gameplay I did experience a random inexplicable in-game death causing me to lose my starting cash. This occured when I attempted to save my game and exit it at one point.

KEEP IN MIND The game does save every so often and also does so when in a bed so I was able to recover my money by reloading a prior save game.

I do recommend this game on a sale under $10

My rating 8/10
Posted February 4. Last edited February 9.
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I'd rather play TABS. Something about this game I didn't find very fun...shooting zombies isn't even very fun. It's free though so why not try it.
Posted January 30.
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Glad I got this for free. If your into rally racing you might enjoy taking the time necessary to learn how to keep your car on the road long enough so you can finish a race and without destroying your car. I don't think actual rally car drivers use a xbox controller IRL.
Posted January 10.
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Sluggish arcade racer where the tracks are apparently made of ice. Get second place? No reward for you.
If you're looking for a good arcade racer of yesteryear, might I suggest Horizon Chase Turbo.
Posted January 10.
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16.7 hrs on record (8.0 hrs at review time)
more difficult than Rad Racer but it's still fun to play in split screen with a friend or family using xbox controllers.
Posted January 7.
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