Hello! I'm Iridar and I make XCOM 2 mods for a living. I have a Patreon project going on:
My patrons get access to my personal Discord where they can socialize, share feedback and request features for my mods, and can view my progress reports. Patrons also get to vote on which big mod should I make next.
Mikxealba 23 hours ago 
I see you enjoyed the Equilibrium movie :-)
Iridar May 14 @ 11:03am 
Hi. I only sometimes take mod requests from patrons. Enemy mods isn't really my thing anyway.
GargakOfTheEast May 14 @ 10:29am 
Hi @Iridar

I can't remember if you accept mod requests/mod suggestions, but here goes.

How about bringing back XCOM:EW-style chryssalids? I always thought the new way Chryssalids worked (making the pod thing when they kill someone) was super-boring and not scary. The old way, of turning their foes into zombies that burst into new Chryssalids was way scarier, flavorful, and cool.

You could get creative with the A Better Advent chryssalids. Maybe make the acid chryssalids create zombies that will explode into acid when killed. Ideas unbound!

Ty for reading, apologies if requests are not accepted.

BT-7274 May 12 @ 3:30pm 
@Iridar alright thanks buddy also i saw your mech's video it looks awesome! keep it up man
Iridar May 12 @ 11:40am 
Better Debug Camera mod.
BT-7274 May 12 @ 10:11am 
Hey iridar is there a freecam mod or tool that you can use on the avenger?