Ion Streak
I Fucking Hate Living In   Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
"Meanwhile, in the legion of mad-fellows."

Hi fuckass scammers and weirdos from TF2 alike, I don't accept friend requests from randoms and I don't trade. End of story.
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We're Playing 5D Chess Now Boys.
"Why the fuck is the cuttlefish the one who gets a badass quest name like "Hellfire Star."

Welcome to the Arena. The losers get banne-

So, this is my humble abode. Hawaii sucks.

Why are you even here?


Personality Type: ESFP

Nickname me, I'm prone to having identity crisises.

BATTLE.NET WARNING: As of December 13th, 2016, Windmillion and Solari's friend lists are currently full. Ion Streak is still open for friend requests, but I'm not planning on purchasing another account to accomodate for more friends. Please contact me if you want in on Ion Streak only, all friends on Windmillion and Solari are currently active and I will not delete them. Thank you for your compliance. If you do not play Overwatch or Destiny, this does not concern you.


Okay, that said. Hey! I'm Ion Streak, Windmillion, Solari, Lunari, or Astra. I have a dodgy, aggressive and aggrivating personality, all around a pretty terrible person. Sorry if my sense of humor doesn't tickle your fancy, go somewhere else.


Putting-Things-Out-There Box:
If you don't pick Zarya in Total Mayhem when the team clearly has a comp built for her, you're playing Overwatch wrong.

Just saying.

Status Key:
Online: Talking, using Chrome, etc. I'm open to chat but obey those parameters I set before.
Away: Watching TV, taking a shower, buying stuff in real life, cooking, or streaming. Please leave a message.
Busy: I'm at work, piss off. Thank you.
Snooze: I'm sleeping, piss off. Thank you².
Offline: Happens alot, it means I'm at work. Piss off. Thank you³.

I try to get online every day, it's a habit. If I'm not online one day for some wierd reason, just leave a message. I'll get back to you soon.

Time Key:
Hawaii>Western: 3 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Mountain: 4 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Central: 5 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Eastern: 6 Hours Ahead
HawaiI>Greenwich Mean: 10 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Central European: 11 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Eastern European: 12 Hours Ahead
Hawaii>Moscow Standard: 13 Hours Ahead

For all my friends who can't math.

Doesn't include Daylight Savings.

Achivement List*
-Escaped Elo-Hell
-Got into Top 50 Reinhardts in World
-Somehow made Grandmaster with a Craptop and Min-Settings+30FPS
-Reached UGC Gold in TF2
-Murdered 1,000,000+ Robots
-Unlocked T H E C H I E F O F S T A F F .
-Looped, Sat on Throne, Unlocked all Characters, and Golden Guns + Crowns in NT.
-Maintained Front Page on Nuclear Throne Weekly/Daily
-Played every Monster Hunter game, beat every final mission.
-Free Spirit: Defeated Lord Vanaduke in the burning heart of the Firestorm Citadel
-Defeated the three endgame bosses of Monster Hunter World: Zorah Magdaros, the Scorching Mountain Dragon, Nergigante, the Extinction Dragon, and Xeno'Jiiva, the Dark Light Dragon
-Defeated DIO and The World Over Heaven
-Outplayed Seagull by flanking him as Rein and then smushing his body off the ledge.
-Won the unofficial "Grandmaster Twitch Total Mayhem Championship." (In actuality it was a bunch of streamers in a clusterfuck on Total Mayhem.)
-Completed Slime Rancher's adventure mode.
-Hit HR 999 in Monster Hunter Double Cross & Monster Hunter World
-Pranked the living shit out of Ninja with bouncepads.

*Does NOT factor my manual stat resetting, specific number achievements are sum totals or
landmark highs.


-Free Spirit (Story Mode)*
-Find Overwatch's new meta.
-Unlock the Core: Part I (Shadowplay)*
-Unlock the Core: Part 2 (Dreams and Nightmares)*
-Retrace the final moments of The Alpha Team (Dreams and Nightmares)*
-Give enough shits to buy the console games I already own on the PC

*= On Hold

Favorite Games & Franchises:
-Professor Layton
-Team Fortress
-Mario and Luigi
-Spiral Knights
-Slime Rancher
-Monster Hunter
-Nuclear Throne
-Fire Emblem
-Metal Gear
-Fortnite: Save the World
-Fortnite: Battle Royale

Strike up a chat with me about them. I'll be happy to talk.

Current Show & Music Tastes
-Saturday Night Live
-The Simpsons
-Family Guy: Season 8
-Tame Impala
-Colony House
-Joyce Manor
-Bob's Burgers
-Arrested Development
-The MCU
-Paridise PD

Ion's Wall of Garbage Quotes

Cpt. Kittyhawk: DEAD DEAD
Cpt. Kittyhawk: NOT JUST DEAD
Cpt. Kittyhawk: BUT DEAD DEAD

Rufus - Today at 9:11 AM
more like

Cpt. Kittyhawk🐾 - Today at 5:21 PM

Ion Streak: how could you do this to me
Hades [DFS]: dab

Boss Ion Streak : stop fucking with the lights
ScharfeLimo[GER] : stfu
ScharfeLimo[GER] : nigi
[SM] Hades [DFS]: Slayed ScharfeLimo[GER].
Boss Ion Streak : PFBT

Cpt. Kittyhawk🐾 - Today at 1:35 AM
you eat the dog obv

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The film is set in a rural town and features lacrosse prominently. The cast includes Rena Tanaka as Keiko Obayashi (the student) and Akira Emoto as Nabe-yan (the leader of the five men).
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