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Goldeneyes Nov 11 @ 5:35pm 
Thank you!
interrobang Nov 11 @ 5:32pm 
You can find out this information by visiting

The next batch of Boundless Hearts will be distributed at $35,000.
Goldeneyes Nov 11 @ 5:32pm 
Hey there! I was wondering if Boundless Hearts were still being given out, how much you need to donate to get one, and how close to the next goal we are!
Herald11 Nov 11 @ 9:59am 
You sip that dog ♥♥♥?
FoxC Oct 16 @ 7:06pm 
:snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack: You are here :epiwink:
SwagTRON 9000 Oct 7 @ 2:54pm 
i like that pfp of yours
dont mind my crippling addiction to Pokemon mystery dungeon
ima crawl back into my comfy confides of the deep dark void now