InsaneFirebat   Georgia, United States
My Steam account is always shown as offline. Just ignore it and message me anyway. Use Discord for faster response

:Burned:If you need help, feel free to add me and leave a message or comment.

:nuke:Please do not send me group invites, I ignore them without question.

:BurningHot:I work for CarbonGames, the developer of AirMech, but I didn't create this game. Send all your praise to any other Carbon devs you see, as they've all contributed much more than me.

:flame:I try to help out when I can by answering questions and offering advice on the forums and in-game. If you need account help, you should email and give as much detail as possible. Be sure to check out the official AirMech Discord server at

:Flames:I have discontinued my support for Realm of the Mad God and unsubscribed from their forum. Please do NOT add me for any RotMG related issues. I haven't played that game in years and I don't know how to fix todays issues with that game. If your issue is related to one of my RotMG guides, please post in the guide and I will try to help you there if I can.

:a2flames:I don't accept any friend requests on Discord, but you can still contact me there if you share a server with me. Here's an invite to the official AirMech server where you can find me.

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Super Metroid Speedruns
Aside from living within the AirMech servers, I also speedrun the greatest game of all-time, Super Metroid. Check out my race stats at SpeedRunsLive [] :firebat:
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niko 5 Αυγ στις 11:47 
Just wanted to say love airmech!
3ntarii 13 Ιουν στις 9:43 
But what if?
CarbonCarl 4 Απρ στις 14:15 
:bunnylove: Happy Easter my good friends! :bunnylove:
CarbonCarl 29 Μαρ στις 0:00 
Have an awesome week my friend! Stay safe! :necroheart:
CarbonCarl 17 Φεβ στις 22:20 
Hey friends! Stop by my Twitch channel some time and come say hello!
It would be awesome if you would come chill and game with us :coolestperson:
CarbonCarl 31 Δεκ 2020 στις 12:29 
Happy New Year my friend! Let's hope life is better for 2021. Stay Safe! :wlheart: