Elbow Sweat
Infix#8101   Ontario, Canada
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:csgox: Currently SEM, Knife history below! :csgox:
:Uranium: Knife History:
-Flip Knife Safari mesh FT
-Falchion Knife Boreal Forest FT
-Flip knife Forest DDPAT FT
-Huntsman knife Blue Steel WW
-Gut Knife Doppler FN phase 2.5
-Bayonet safari mesh MW
Sold my Bayonet for Rainbow 6 Siege
-Shadow Daggers (Butt Plugs) Blue Steel WW
Karambit Forest DDPAT FT (Me and my Brothers Knife)
-Flip knife Blue Steel WW, we down graded.
-Gut knife Vanilla
-Flip Knife Safari Mesh FT
-Flip knife BlueSteel ww
-M9 Bayonet Forest DDPAT FT
-Huntsman Slaughter FN (Dream knife)
-bought a Karambit Ultraviolet
-Sold karambit for 88 pure (going for dream tf2 hat)

Eru Chitanda is the cutest fucking anime gril

Brick : i wonder how preganant girls feel during sex and how does the baby feel? does he feel it at all?

Crit : Its always better to have 9 people being fucking retarded, and doing something stupid, then to have 4 people being retarded and have 5 people doing nothing and being useless.
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My Info Box Containes : My current life and why I quit comp.
:balloon: Welcoem to my Shit Awsome Profile:balloon:
:medicon:TF2 Competitive : I Main and Currently play Medic :medicon:
So i play csgo and tf2 casually/ competitively
Hit me up to game sometime, I need people to queue with so hmu
I do ring for tf2 comp 6s, 4s, 7s, hl, ultiduo, and enjoy mentoring/reviewing.
(If u need me to ring pm me on steam or discord, the more notice the more il be able to help.)
UGC Page https://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.cfm?player_id=76561198103516022

TFCL Page https://tfcleague.com/user/sl-infix/
:p2blue:Im NOT Trading My Current Unusuals,Australiums, or stranges!:p2blue:
:csgox:I Dont Accept lvl 0 accounts or Private Profiles/Inventorys:csgox:
:csgox: I dont give a shit about your "steam +rep" it means nothing I will not go first over it:csgox:
:insfist:Member since 18 August, 2013.:insfist:
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Finally have my dream hat, 1:1 ooze hot dogger <3
point_break_ Nov 1 @ 6:06pm 
yo you want to play when ever you get on
chump Dec 28, 2018 @ 7:02pm 
Pie Jul 9, 2018 @ 7:44pm 
You wanted something not stupid, wel uh, suck my pe pee
Soala Apr 3, 2018 @ 3:41pm 
Good medic <3
ThatDogPie PFS.BEST Dec 17, 2017 @ 5:25pm 
Soup / Infix
iStrava Dec 5, 2017 @ 7:01pm 
He skates fast, AND eats ♥♥♥.