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Posted: May 14, 2016 @ 9:53pm
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Early Access Review

There are very few games in this rare category I call TIMELESS.
These are the games you play for YEARS.
I did it with Mario Kart, Tribes 2, WoW, Planetside 2, and now Rust.

I started playing in December 2014 and hardly play anything else.

What got me hooked:
- Build your own base however and wherever you want. I loved LEGOS to death when I was little and I love the idea of making your own persistent base in an online open world.
- Play SOLO or TEAM UP with random people or invited friends.
- PVP everywhere: In the field, at the town, at the airdrop, at someone's base, from your base, and BASE RAIDING.
- Ingame voice chat is realistic - your mouth moves in game when you talk and it can only be heard nearby (like IRL).
- Rewarding resource collection which can be tedious but you have to really earn what you want to make.
- Smart player community that figures out great base designs and sneaky little tricks/exploits to take down your great base :)

Why I keep playing:
- Every month they keep improving the game.
- The devs communicate their progress with the community constantly via WEEKLY devblogs and Twitter. The weekly devblogs are EXTREMELY interesting insight into the process of new ideas, optimization, polishing, balancing, bug fixes, and curbing cheaters.
- RUST is one of the most graphically beautiful and realistic games designed with a small dev team. Compares to AAA titles.
- The lead is Garry Newman who made one of the most successful sandbox mods for HL2. As such, RUST fully supports player mods and highly encourages them.
- Through the ups and downs, it's usually always fun or thrilling. From defending a big brand new base by yourself against a whole team of raiders (intense and sometimes traumatic) to being the last man standing and getting killed by some random with a spear (lol/cry)!
- Figuring out clever ways into someone elses base and designing yours against those vulnerabilities.
- I made some great gaming friends playing RUST.
- I have met many ruthless players and some really cool/chill RUST players.
- This is one of the most addictive games I know of.

Where I play:
- I have played on the public official servers occasionally but there ARE some very clever and persistent cheaters there that can circumvent the anti-cheat processes in place. Official servers DO NOT HAVE ADMINS.
- Most of my time is spent on Rustafied Main (Rustafied.com) which has had outstanding support for RUST!
- Rustafied community is great overall even though most are KOS and hostile, you just have to learn to play around it :) You eventually will make friends to teamup with.
- Rustafied.com posts updates outside of and alongside the devblogs and has active forums.
- Very few servers have as many active admins as Rustafied servers do. Rustafied also has a low-pop option and the special map servers.
- There are several other community run servers that might jive better if you are having problems on Rustafied or the Official servers.
- I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRACTICING PVP on the Battlefield or Battle Royale servers! Learn the weapons, their rates of fire, their clip sizes, their range, their recoil, and which one's you like. Also learn when to play conservatively and aggressively without fear of losing hours of work.

Some cons overall are:
- Performance is not consistent but the devs are constantly improving this - especially for fps drops around large bases and during firefights.
- Some players are toxic and others will poop-on newbies really hard. Some will act nice to get into your base and screw you over (kill you, change your codes, destroy everything, steal everything, etc). Then there are the cheaters that come out when the admins aren't on - usually getting revenge for dying or losing their base.
- There is a lot of finger pointing about cheating and a lot of sneaky cheaters using cheats conservatively to stay under the radar, but with just enough advantage to "pwn noobs".
- Every server does a map wipe once a month and Rustafied Main does a map wipe every week! This is due to technical issues keeping a server up with hundreds of player created bases. It does make it easy to skip playing for a week or two though and jump back in on a wipe day.
- To craft medium to advanced items requires learning Blueprints (BPs) which ARE A GRIND and don't carry over to other servers. Whatever server you decide to go with you will probably stay with once you have most of the BPs you need. The counter to this is to join a team/friends that are already established on another server so they can help you get most of your BPs pretty fast (since they already have them). This is also changing in a future patch to an XP system.

This game is worth more than $20 and I'd be willing to buy it for my friends for them to play with me. I've enjoyed this game every single month of development and can't wait to read the next devblog every week!
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