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<:Who am I?:>
-3D modeler

Rarest Achievement Showcase
Workshop Showcase
-All Mantis variants from Halo 4-5
-Fully custom animated Mantis
-Colorable skins
-Decal groups
-Unique weapons for the collection
-HDR Proxy / Cubemap

-M655 Man
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Created by - Impulse
Hauptmann Krause Oct 27 @ 4:26pm 
Hey, I wanted to ask you about something regarding the Mantis mod and usage on a server. Could we talk in private?
Impulse Oct 23 @ 1:01pm 
Black★Rock Shooter Oct 23 @ 5:24am 
Can i had you for talking in private message? I’d like to discuss if possible something about a weapon

Impulse Oct 19 @ 7:30pm 
I haven't yet completed a full stage second loop yet, what is it you want to talk about?
MountainDude Oct 19 @ 7:27pm 
Need to talk Inscryption
Sentry Sep 12 @ 6:18pm 
I liked your mod its epic