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Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

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Who Am I?
I am the type of guy that cuts in front of you at Starbucks, orders some fucking thing thats not even on the menu, argues with the person thats behind the counter for a little bit, then I end up getting her number because she has big fucking titties, then I fucking order something, and I leave without the item or paying because FUCK Starbucks, I don't drink Starbucks motherfuckers, who would give you the idea that I would drink that shit?!

Feel free to add me, I accept all invites, except...
-Beggars, Scammers, Phishers, Idiots
-Do not ask me for free games or whatever pointless shit you are looking for
-No Private Profiles
-Do not trade with me unless if it is a fair one
-Most important rule: Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, invite me to any random game, especially CSGO, any of this will result in a BLOCK!

I am here to have fun and talk to my friends, just send me a chat message.

Online: When I am online, I am always ready and happy to talk.
In-Game: When I am in game, it will be slow to no replies.
Away: Probably masterbating somewhere.
Busy: When I am busy, I am most likely at work or out with friends.
Snooze: That means that I am sleeping and dreaming of a Steam that doesn't suck.
Offline: All of the above.

PC Specs
CPU: Intel Core i7 4960X
Motherboard: ASUS P9X79-E WS
RAM: Crucial Ballistx Tactical Tracer 2x8GB (x2) 1600MHz for a total of 32GB
Graphics: NVIDIA Reference GTX Titan
Storage: 8X Corsair 120GB Force SSDs in RAID0
Case: Silverstone TJ07B-W
PSU: XFX 1000W platinum

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Name Tag: ''AWP | Hurensohn V2''
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