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Since i cant play rn leaving the video idea here(delete after)so like since bluebarries are your thing it can be rp 2 siege(like cops vs bandits)(attacking rp 2 for the bluebarrie and if they get it they win if they dont get it in time we win(you plan this out with rozzy)(i woud share more ideas but i gtg)
【xXYeetLegendXx】 ツ Mar 19 @ 8:52pm 
Leon Mar 19 @ 2:35pm 
Well I guess no
Offer still exist
Leon Mar 19 @ 1:33pm 
;-; pls just say something
Leon Mar 19 @ 9:22am 
dont worry if one of you join I can give Owner
Leon Mar 19 @ 9:00am 
or just say that bad idea and Im gonna delete that server ;-;