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Hello! If you're a fan of Touhou, Tales or just Anime in general, feel free to add me~! But.. if not, then.. why are you here?
Want some of my favorite animes? Check more infooo

Whoa! I know I told you to press view more info, but I didn't expect you'd actually do it~, oh weeeell, I lied by the way! There reaaaally isn't anything down here, so don't bother~!

Hey!, why are you scrolling down?!

Guh.. J-Just stop!

Fine!, I'm sorry, you really wanna see something, don't you?, keep going!

Favorite anime show characters:

Wait, you want my favorite anime
characters based in anime shows?
are you crazy? That's literally impossible,
and Steam can't hold more than 1,000 characters.

Favorite anime of all time:
(Technically I love more than just
these six, these are just what I love
a whole lot. And as for anime movies
that would be, Kimi no na wa, the Haruhi movie,
and all of the Evangelion movies,
I've also been a fan of anime
for over seventeen years, ..but,
if you wanna get technical
I've been one all my life, heh.)

1. K-On

2. Evangelion

3. Fairy Tail

4. One Piece

5. Rozen Maiden

6. Love Live


Favorite Touhou's

What is your favorite Touhou ?

I have no favorite, as they all are equal to me..
Over these thirteen years I've known Touhou, I've gotten to know each and every one of these Touhou's, to the point where I didn't know who I liked more, so I chose to love everyone. You may think it's crazy, but it's who I am, and it's why I have a universal name, so I can use everyone, and of course other anime characters in general.


Favorite (Female) Tales of characters:

1. Marta Lualdi

2. Milla Maxwell

3. Sophie

4. Presea Combatir

5. Eleanor Hume

6. Tear Grants


Favorite (Male) Tales of characters:

1. Luke Fon Fabre

2. Eizen

3. Lloyd Irving

4. Yuri Lowell

5. Flynn Scifo

6. Zelos Wilder


Favorite anime game franchises (or just franchises in general):

1. Tales of Franchise/Touhou series (It counts.)

2. Persona franchise

3. Atelier franchise

4. Senran Kagura franchise

5. Blazblue franchise

6. Valkyria Chronicles franchise
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Isn't anime just the best? Of course it is
Alexis.. I'll miss you forever, my dear friend. 1/13/2015.


No friend collectors, pretty please~

I'm a birb!

Hello there, I'm Shiori! Just another one of those
average, hardcore anime fans you may or may
not meet on a daily basis, (I've been a fan for over seventeen years, my whole life if you wanna get more specific..) but before you hit that
request button, (I don't know why you would..)
I want you to take a read of the rest of my terribly
formatted profile!

Personal info about myself:

1. I'm twenty one
2. My birthday is the 22nd of June
3. My gen- wait wait, ask me that!
4. My na- ask me that as weeeell
5. I guess you could call me a kind person~
6. Let's keep things even, so here's an empty six!

I also have a Discord, so just ask for it.

And if you want my PSN ID, it's EizenWindSpear.

Oh and if you want my Nintendo Switch friend code, it's SW-5277-0027-5033

⑨ facts about me

I love Jazz.
I'm a vegan.
I'm a lefty, and proud of it!
Anime only games are what I play (with few exceptions)
I enjoy my friends company.
I love helping anyone who needs it.
I love twintails.
I have have a lot of favorite anime
Anime is my cocaine.

Here is some music, mostly full of Touhou, Tales and just anime in general
both old and new.

Closer - Inoue Joe
The Battle of Concepts
Chills ensured.
Unbeatable, by no one.
A clenched fist that won't ever give up, and a sword that will rip apart the Heavens and Earth. :Sheena:
The fiery heart that won't ever falter, and the Legendary Swordsman that transcends time. :Shigure2:
A flurry of lightning fast fists, and the might of the Necromancer. :Marisa:
Black Memory - The Oral Cigerettes
Twintails anthem~ :Asa:
Oh, the memories. :Zelos:
FELT [feltmusic.net]
Relax a little :Sanji:
Oh-hoh, it's on now! :yuyuko:
Rest in peace, Tales of Link
Happy Atelier music, just the way I like it. :Colette2:

Here are some ground rules. :Yoru:

1. Don't befriend me just to have me in your friends list, please talk to me

2. I'll accept fans of my own fandoms, of course that includes anime, so if you love anime, hit the add button~!

3. Bombard me with messages, because it's fun.

4. Asking me for donations (I don't know why you would, I mean
I barely have much to begin with.) is annoying, so obviously don't
do it

5. No Anime picture no acceptance of your request unless you're an old friend who is already on my buddy list~

6. No lewding. :Tenshi:

Simple, but straight forward and it get's the job done, that's how I roooooll~


Best friend list time!

Oh no, there isn't one!? Why!? I do have quite a few best buddies, that's a fact. But the fact is not everyone can fit on here and it made me feel bad, and no. No one is best to least best, that's stupid, but I decided to remove it altogether, alrighty? I love you guys, no one could replace you~
..It's also because I'm lazy.
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