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The Bare Necessities (Important Stuff)
:tdealwithit: Who Am I? :tdealwithit:
-Age: 29
- Aliento's Micspam Kingdom Moderator
-NeonHeights Administrator and G Donor
-NeonHeights Discord Administrator
-Medic main
-Creator of stupid sound mods
-Languages I can understand/speak a sizable amount: English, Deutsch, 日本語
-Part time gay purple derg <| ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°|>

:tdealwithit: Policies *IMPORTANT* :tdealwithit:
-I accept adds at my own discretion from public profiles with public inventories. I tend to keep my friends list limited to people I actually play or talk to fairly often, so don't be offended if I ignore. If you're adding for a trade, try using Trade Offers before adding; otherwise leave a comment before adding me so I know what's up.

-Relevant adds will be background checked using Rep.tf, which cross checks multiple sites and server communities for any bans or negative rep, including SteamRep and Backpack.tf.
Recent and/or overwhelmingly negative rep=ignore
Scammer tags and/or reported phishing attempts on file=block.

- Random/unsolicited adds from unknown accounts will not be accepted for any reason!

-If I ignore you, it's probably because one or more of the following apply:
I don't know you at all (see bullet 3)
You didn't comment below about why you're here (see bullet 1)
You're adding me from a pub server I don't play on often (see bullet 1)
Your account is private (see bullets 1/3)
You have bad rep (see bullet 2)
You're a marked scammer/phisher (see bullet 2)

-I do not follow links unless they are from a reputable site. If you post an unrecognized URL in either my comments or in chat without any follow up explanation, you will be blocked and reported to Valve. No exceptions .

-Unless I advertise a trade, my items are not for sale.

-If you're gonna try with the scam attempts, I'm not stupid; you'll just waste time and get evidence against you. :devilskiss:

-If you're going to be abusive, I'll just block you. I have no need to waste my time with belligerent people.

:tdealwithit: Rep/Other ID Info :tdealwithit:
My Rep.tf page can be found HERE [rep.tf].

Things to note:

-I have a Level 41 profile.
-I do not have any alternate or storage accounts.
-My profile and inventory are public and always will be.
-My custom URL is IjiDrach
Favorite Group
NeonHeight's Servers - Public Group
The original servers that started the trade_minecraft_neon map! We run micspam-allowing trade servers to hang out in, 24/7.
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