Any golbins??   Texas, United States
Tsuyu Asui is my waifu.

Who tells the truth anymore?

Always in the mood for pie

August 4th 2018 was the best night of my life I went and saw my favorite bands for my birthday. 5FDP, Breaking Benjamin, Bad Wolves, and Nothing More.
Stuff and Things
Leave a comment when you add me. Unless I add you, there’s no need.

I’m Bunz from Disc-FF servers. I also play Panda DB, casual, and MvM.

Edgy Rock/Heavy Metal
More Rock

Favorite Animes
Darling in the FranXX (Past ep 20 was ass)
Fairy Tail
SAO (S1 only)
Your Lie in April
Boku no Hero Academia

Best Friends
Corgi Butt 🐶
Crusty Dustin 🥨
Emmurs 🦄
Quaxi 🐥
Mom 🤦‍♀️
Tyler 🌴
Loosey Goosey 💦🐀
Ana 🐧
Ken Ken 🐔💙
Liquid Marsh ⛄️

Personality Facts?
I’m a nice person 90% of the time.
I put friends before myself. I do everything I can to help/protect them.
I’m first neutral to everyone I meet. Depending on how you act to me is how i’ll act to you.
I spend 100x more money on friends than I do myself.
(Whether you believe this or not, doesn’t matter to me, do what you will)

Real Life Facts?
I’m the oldest of 2 brothers and sisters.
Tall boi at 6 ft and slowly still growing.
I play Guitar and the Drums.
Computer geek with a Texas State Certificate in HTML, CSS(+), and Computer Maintenance.
I took French all the way up to French 3 AP, so yea that’s a thing
koko Feb 16 @ 9:22pm 
and some nuggies
koko Feb 16 @ 9:21pm 
can I get some sauce pls
Bunz Feb 16 @ 8:40pm 
She's a sexy frog, mmm
Marshmello Feb 15 @ 12:58pm 
Oh- still. You're basically ♥♥♥♥ing a frog
Bunz Feb 14 @ 8:21pm 
The first episode aired in April 2016 making her almost 19 now SO ITS COMPLETELY LEGAL
Marshmello Feb 10 @ 8:47am 
Aight i gotta report that
We have a pedophile case here.
Proceed with caution