Tindall Berry
Tindall Berry   Tauranga, New Zealand
MTF scrub who makes custom MVM content, usually missions, sometimes maps, of questionable quality. Sometimes I need to do things that are really stupid just because I can. I also steal sometimes.

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My BattleNet: TindallBerry#1685
My Discord: Tindall#8348
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Team Fortress 2
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About this unusual individual
Name: Maybe if you ask nicely...
Age: ((3^3)+(5*3))/2
Gender: Female
Personality: INTJ [www.16personalities.com]
Buy my TF2 items here [marketplace.tf]

One time I broke this infobox trying to do a thing.
I don't take anything I do seriously, and neither should you.
I don't do to human interaction very well.

Atlantis - the BIGG gay
Ryojin - A Single Dorito Chip
Woony - An Hors
Ceiling - A Serveillance Apparatus
Stalker Revenger - The Goodest Doggo
Jammer - Sandwich Man From Sandwich Land

Team Fortress 2 Stuffs
Admin for the PoniPoniPoni group since 2012

Titanium Tank Submissions
Regolith Rampage - Spacepost Advanced Mission
Classified Carnage - Area 52 Advanced Mission

Canteen Crasher Submissions
Outlands - Map (Accepted)
Backwoods Blockade - Outlands Intermediate Mission (Accepted)
Midnight Mutiny - Outlands Advanced Mission (Accepted)
Regolith Rampage - Spacepost Advanced Mission (Accepted)
Classified Carnage - Area 52 Intermediate Mission (Discontinued)
One Down - Downtown Nightmare Mission (Accepted)

Madness vs Machine Submissions
Rural Roadblock - Outlands Intermediate Mission (Accepted)
Dead of Night - Outlands Advanced Mission (Accepted)
Out of Options - Outlands Expert Mission (pending)
Endothermic Espionage - Doppler Advanced Mission (pending)
??? - Dockyard Expert Mission (coming soon)

Memes vs Machine Submissions
Dihydrogen Monoxide - Waterfront April Fools Mission (Accepted)

Unusuals unboxed
1. Stormy Storm Outdoorsman [3/7/12]
2. Circling Peace Sign Noble Amassment of Hats [22/7/12]
3. Blizzardy Storm Hustler's Hallmark [12/10/12]
4. Smoking Heavy Duty Rag [24/2/13]
5. Steaming One Man Army [9/3/13]
6. Electrostatic A Rather Festive Tree [2/6/13]
7. Orbiting Fire Birdcage [19/8/13]
8. Blizzardy Storm Voodoo Juju (Slight Return) [19/8/13]
9. Steaming Helmet Without a Home [19/8/13]
10. Chiroptera Venenata Industrial Festivizer [5/11/13]
11. Circling Heart Reggaelator [13/2/15]
12. Circling Peace Sign Bubble Pipe [19/4/15]
13. Massed Flies Armoured Authority [1/6/16]
14. Strange Starstorm Insomnia Cotton Head [28/10/16]
15. Rock Paper Scissors Unusualifier [6/11/17]
16. Soldiers Requiem Unusualifier [22/12/17]
17. Square Dance Unusualifier [25/12/17]
18. Skullcracker Unusualifier [31/12/17]
19. Circling Peace Sign Brass Bucket [14/2/18]
20. Bucking Bronco Unusualifier [2/4/18]
21. Victory Lap Unusualifier [13/4/18]
22. Steaming Brass Bucket [14/4/18]
23. Dead Presidents Bloke's Bucket Hat [3/5/18]
24. Miami Nights Powdered Practicioner [7/8/18]
25. Clairvoyance Chill Chullo [26/10/18]
26. Flippin' Awesome Unusualifier [26/12/18]
27. Battin' a Thousand Unusualifier [2/3/19]
28. Vivid Plasma Crit Cloak [19/4/19]
29. Skating Scorcher Unusualifier [19/4/19]

Mann Up Stats
Steel Trap
Current tour: 5

Oil Spill
Current tour: 4

Gear Grinder
Australium Rocket Launcher [Tour 18]
Current tour: 37

Mecha Engine
Current tour: 30

Two Cities
Australium Black Box [Tour 23]
Australium Frontier Justice [Tour 86]
Australium Flamethrower [Tour 89]
Current tour: 162
Workshop Showcase
All the anime trash that you'll need to not see errors on my trashy server.

Not all of these are needed; some are just fun stuff that you may want to try out.

I will update this with any workshop items that I feel like keeping on my server.

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