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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenter the Gungeon
Is probably the best rogue like out there so far;

It's a game in which everything is shaped like a gun. The bullets that hold guns that shoot bullets are your main enemy, but don't worry you can get a bullet that shoots guns that shoots bullets to fight em' right back.

The room to room combat of the game is satisfying, at first you'll suffer a bit. Enemies will hit you left and right and you'll probably die to your first bossfight, and it being a roguelike you go back to the start. This ♥♥♥♥ will keep happening to you. In gungeon the better players are not the ones that didn't die while learning the game, it's the ones that died the least.

nononono stop it right there din dingus and listen.

After a while everything will start to click, as you see the same enemy types over and over, the same rooms, you'll start to develop your own meta/play style on how to deal with things and at that point you'll become unstoppable. This game is easy, unlike some other roguelikes, because it's fair. Cheap hits are rare if not non existent, the room design is solid and when I when I die I always feel like it was my fault. You just have to learn how the guns work, how the enemies work, memorize all the rooms, all the bosses all the[...]
And that takes a while, it varies from player to player, it might take you 20 runs to beat that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ gattling bird, stupid bird with his stupid machinegun ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ why is he in the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game. BUT when you do it you'll never have as much trouble as you had before.

This game is a bicycle, we all have our own struggles with it at first, but it becomes second nature after we do.
Some people will refuse to learn it and call it hard, and that's ok. IF YOU'RE A BIG VIRGIN GIT GUD HAHAHA.

I don't give games scores, cuz that's stupid.
Posted May 12.
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Like usual, online RPGs are soulless as hell and this one is no exception.
The game battles PC players every step of the way. The 2 hours I have were trying to setup controls.
The game emulates mouse movement like it were a controller, and while they did "fix" the issue (2 years after release mind you) you still have to go sifting trough forum posts because the chinese dimwits that programmed this mess can't be bothered to translate their options. "Mouse option or style or whatever the ♥♥♥♥ 2" translates to "Raw input".
There's a keyboard layout for every weapon type, and while that sounds good on paper that you have way more ways to configure your stuff... It's not.
Sadly you can't overlap some stuff that you want. Prompts for keys you set don't change, only veterans of this game can set the controls. Kinda flawed if you ask me since setting the controls is the literal first thing you do in a game.
The grind is ridiculous, the story is retarded, the cute cats are weird and gross, the girls fight with their tits out, the voice acting is bad, the combat is hack and slash damage numbers and potion mashing.

"Oh but that's just how rpgs are"
Have you played Skyrim, Witcher, hell even assasins creed is better than this crap.

Bad port
Bad story
Posted January 11. Last edited January 26.
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Gameplay is fine, the tickrate is fine, the characters are fine.
This could be a cs go rival/killer but ubisoft are a bunch of greedy ♥♥♥♥♥ and put the operators behind a grind wall / pay wall.
Posted November 18, 2019.
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Look, it's a rockstar game... The singleplayer is the same ♥♥♥♥ they been doing for years now, only way more refined. That gets a pass.

The online... Where do I start?
out of the 2.5+K hours I have in this game, 100 are from the singleplayer, a good 200 are loading screens and the rest is the online.
What did I spend doing with all those hours? Killing every single poor soul, tryhard, grinder, noob anything that moves basically I've killed more than 1000 times.
I love the pvp in this game. It's flawed, it's unbalanced, it's super easy to cheat on... BUT it's so satisfying. Nothing is written down, there are no gun stats, there's no defined meta you get to discover all of that.
The countless hours I spend on refining my playstyle, my personal meta, my list of exploits, it's what made me like this game so much. There's no better feeling than outplaying your opponent to such a degree that they assume you must be cheating.
I love destroying people and this game makes that possible.
Posted November 13, 2019. Last edited January 1.
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Alright it's time to tackle this game...

The game is old and bloated with almost Train Simulator levels of DLC, all that you can (mostly) still buy. They tried simplifying the DLCs for new players by making one mega edition of the game and in true Payday fashion immediately ♥♥♥♥♥♥ it all up by adding a DLC outside of the mega bundle... and now with the mexican stuff it's back to madness.
All these DLCs can be avoided (kinda)* to have the "full" experience so whatever.
This is one of those games that haunts you. If you're like me you wanna see those achievements at 100%, truly a horror game for completionists and a real challenge to get it all.

The grind is "OK" and to have a maxed out guy you'll need to reach the game's level 100 a total of 5 times. 20 more if you want the cool number next to your name and some hats.

The missions are fun as hell, some more than others. They're also plentiful so you're bound to like at least one as they try some different stuff in each.

The characters are all over the place. The crew is so diverse that you're, again, bound to like at least one of them. Set your preference for your top 4 and watch as you join a lobby and always get to play as your dumb 4th choice.

The guns, oh my the guns.
Assuming you bought all of them you have SO MANY GUNS. They're not licencing any guns here (probably because it would be impossible and way to expensive to get all) so expect some weird names like the classic "CHIMANO" pistol. You can rename your guns tough and if you're a gun nut you're gonna have tons of fun just identifying all the iconic weapons they added.

The engine this game runs is old, and I mean it was old when the game was first built.
It's a racing games engine called the Disel Engine and it's not really good.
Funny enough the cars in this game handle like crap and feel like they've been baked in last second... On a positive note: This game has vehicles! A Fork-Lift, a generic muscle and a exotic car, oh and a bike... and a boat... and ♥♥♥♥...

Even tough the engine is old it has plenty of duck-tapped features in it!
The jank is real with this game, but it's good jank.

The stealth system is bad, but a fun addition. If you're patient the stealth takes 0 skill. If you do a mission once in stealth, don't go doing it again. On a side-note the different skill settings the game has don't affect stealth all that much, so always play on the hardest one for that mode.

Let me translate - normal - hard - very hard - overkill - mayhem - death wish - death sentence (with one down modifier) into something more... usefull

braindead - braindead - braindead but you see a special enemy now and then - normal - normal part 2 - good skill level - hard - fk you die in one shot now (and if you die twice in a roll game over)

Play on Mayhem for the most fun and death wish for some challenge.
Play on death sentence if you want a death sentence IRL

Overall the game is fun and you can pour well over 1000 hours into it without feeling like you've trully done it all. Maybe just a good 50-60 if you're more casual and just want to play ALL the missions and get to a decent level.
Posted November 11, 2019. Last edited November 7.
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It's like they tried to make a story driven game, gave up half the way and said the extra bonus challenges were the full game.
The story gets interesting and then it ends.
Posted June 30, 2019. Last edited June 30, 2019.
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What will I ever do when I 100% this game? WHAT WILL FILL THE VOID?
Posted November 23, 2018.
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I spent 4 hours digging the whole dungeon for no reason
Posted December 27, 2011. Last edited November 25.
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The game where the dev team tests how far they can push the stupidity meter. It broke on bumper cart ducks.
Posted November 22, 2010. Last edited November 22, 2017.
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