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Mugs Mar 20 @ 1:42pm 
It doesn't look like the inventory of someone who buys or has unusual things, apart from that I don't get their profile record in backpack
Mugs Mar 20 @ 1:40pm 
yep, check their inventory
Mugs Mar 20 @ 9:27am 
the guy below is a scammer be careful
Victor.Ph Mar 20 @ 4:50am 
accept me im interested to discuss the unusual
Camolo Mar 17 @ 5:13pm 
I am collecting data for a case against tf2.bet, added
Scrooge McDuck Mar 17 @ 2:14am 
yep I am interested in unu skins
Sebvex Mar 16 @ 6:22pm 
+rep cool
Heavyweaponsguy Mar 16 @ 2:59pm 
Offering an unusual
Sipo Mar 16 @ 2:22am 
:balloon: + Rep, kind and friendly trader. Thank you and Good Luck :D :balloon:
Blackie Witch Mar 15 @ 10:36pm 
Hey thanks for winning my auction and thanks for the compliment!
Clarence Mar 10 @ 9:50am 
+rep gave me extra when he didnt even have to!
James Golf Mar 8 @ 1:59pm 
+rep great trader
StAppalonia Mar 4 @ 4:31am 
+rep, fast and easy to trade with
Scrap Mar 4 @ 4:03am 
+rep good trader
Carrot #Rustypot Mar 3 @ 4:47pm 
Would u sell me an unusual for paypal
Lost Mar 3 @ 6:30am 
+rep fast good trade sound dude
Scrumpy Mar 3 @ 5:07am 
+rep good trade
76561199029909796 Mar 1 @ 10:23am 
Accept me