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Make the best of your past the worst of your future.

(яυṡн²) .:~αṡιαи~:.

Darksynthesis: zsns bad
» the old team was epic
» idk about now
» theyre not bad but its just aint the same in my perspective.

(Spectator) Brαvσ : im eating chili dogs and watching cooljerk
(Spectator) Brαvσ : best day ever
(Spectator) Azn : LOL

nurse kitty: I know how to please my pussies

*SPEC* Pickle Dicks Mgee : blue eyes white dragon my backdoor

*SPEC* ☽✏ sailor moon : good luck ily

MVP - SI: Bill Clinton (4803 dmg [99%], 28 kills [97%])
MVP - CI: Bill Clinton (75 common [61%])


1st Place - L4D2 CyberGamer Amatuer League // Zone Sixty Nine

3rd place - L4D1 iDEsports Season 1 // Zone Sixty Nine

1st place - CyberGamer Open Ladder // Team Polarity

1st place - Cevo Summer Tourney l4d2 // Team Polarity

2nd place - Cevo Summer Tourney l4d1 // Team Pony

1st place - Everything FPS Tournament l4d2 // Team Polarity

1st place - Rassillion's Weekend Tournament // Team Polarity

1st place - Cyber Gamer Summer Tournament // Team Table Flip

1st place - Everything FPS Summer Tournament 2012 // Health Care Professionals

1st place - Custom Campaign Tournament // Passive Agressive Gaming

1st place - Everything FPS Tournament 2013 // Health Care Professionals

1st place - Witch Party Tournament 2013 // Enrique's Disciples

1st place - Another Shitty Tournament 2014 // Not Even Trying

1st place - Some Weekend Tourney 2014 // Ez Skins, Ez Life

My Frag Video (l4d1 & 2) Made By Johnny
The Story Of My Friend Shade
Best Pub N.A. [www.twitch.tv]
The Legend of Asian (Read Description)
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this guy loves me and its weird
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I miss you
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Denim .
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Steve is a man of many Sorry's. He will love you, then apologize. Fear you, then apologize. Finally he will roast you, then apologize. My man Steve has been in a drought longer than California. Please help fund him in his endeavors to get some wetness in his life. Your contribution will go straight to the lovely lady in black, Rella the umbrella. Not only does she give you a warm welcome when you enter their channel, but she can color within the lines in a coloring book. This is an effort to support their luscious love for it is nothing but sunshine and rainbows. Their love can also be described like captain crunch and milk, peanut butter and jelly, finally the skeet to my hunter. They are going on 8 months of online dating and I feel like its time to help this e-grill turn into a normal woman. Now lets go out there and help this happen!

*this is to help Rella get a plane ticket to visit Steve in Canada*

Thank you :)