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SucToesNFucHoes Aug 7 @ 11:12pm 
Your half life 2 playthrough is amazing
Bubba Jun 30 @ 5:49pm 
32,998 of us to be exact
Bubba Jun 30 @ 5:48pm 
Stop pushing him about youtube. Maybe it didn't work out for him. Hobbies come and go. However pixel, we all, 32,000 of us, would like one final video at least saying goodbye or how this is going to plan out.. mainly because you left us all with massive throbbing blue balls.
Rustixz Apr 5 @ 10:51am 
btw can you do some more half life 2 mods?
Rustixz Apr 5 @ 10:47am 
hey pixel lova ya videos mate i hope you aren't dead
Odhrán Johnston Feb 18 @ 4:48am 
i loved his half life videos