I'M BACK   France
•● W E L C O M E- T O -M Y -P R O F I L E ●•

Ta mere c'est ma pute , mais devant toi je l'appel Madame !

In returning to a place where nothing moved one realizes how best we did


French player

no luck jusy skill !

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●▬▬▬●About Me●▬▬▬●

:DSTtophat:From: France
:DSTtophat:Age: idk
:DSTtophat:Favourite Quote: RED SPARTAN
:DSTtophat:Personality: i am a fucking spartan bitch
:DSTtophat:I like: Happy people.
:DSTtophat:I Dislike: Aggressive + Selfish + Stalking + Dramatic + Jealous people + Scammers + Spammers

●▬▬▬●Friend Requests●▬▬▬●

:penguintank:Profile must be Public
:penguintank:Your profile must be level 10+
:penguintank:Must have more than one game (NO ALT ACCOUNTS)
:penguintank:I don't care if you have VAC bans (though I will ask what it's from)
:penguintank:People inactive for over 20 days will be deleted
:penguintank:I only make exceptions if we're close or I like your first impression

●▬▬▬●Steam Stuff●▬▬▬●

:2016yeti:I do not add anyone between steam level 0-10!
:2016yeti:Don't send me links
:2016yeti:I don't give out free stuff
:2016yeti:If you want to trade, message me your offer FIRST!
:2016yeti:If you want to play any game, all you have to do is ask!
:2016yeti:My second account is located Here
:2016yeti:If you want to play Mass Effect 3 or other Origin games, add me on Origin, but warn me here first.
:2016yeti:I love to chat
:2016yeti:Don't ask for any personal information. (Social Media, Pics,..) Instablock if you do. Or a warning if I'm feeling nice.
:2016yeti:Origin: Spartacus
:2016yeti:UPlay: DarkToxIIc

●▬▬▬●Chat Information●▬▬▬●

:csgogun:Online: Feel free to contact me
:csgogun:Away: I'm not here but I'll respond when I get back
:csgogun:Busy: Will respond when my hands aren't tied
:csgogun:Snooze: Don't expect a reply for a while
:csgogun:Offline: Don't bother... I'm dead z💤
:csgogun:In-Game: You can message me but don't expect an instant reply... if time passes and I still don't reply, Send another one to catch my attention!

●▬▬▬●Other Information●▬▬▬●


:DSTghost:I don't care if you delete me...
:DSTghost:I don't care if I delete you...
:DSTghost:This only means we weren't really close...
:DSTghost:Don't expect to be re-added if this is the case, I could care less...
:DSTghost:Only very few will matter, those I can't live without! ♥

:DSTghost:Be patient if I am away or playing, don’t worry, II will try to answer you eventually.
:DSTghost:I'm going to delete people who have been away longer than a month if they don’t let me know that they are coming back, send me a request again if you ever return.
:DSTghost:Respect my privacy, i have nothing to say about my personal life, do not annoy me.

Signed by DarkToxIIc de Jacky ;)

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