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Do not add me if your sole reason of doing so is to trade. You are to comment your reason and relationship to mutual friends if any.

Scammers will be reported to steamrep and Steam staff screenshots of malicious acts included. Do not bother, I know exactly how these things work which is why I still have my items of worth.
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Accounts claiming to advertise websites for gambling will be denied, blocked, and brought up to the officials of Steamrep. Bot-as-middleman trades are prohibited. Website advertisement payment is required as a peronal trade up-front. Advertisement payment is required no later than the first of the month. Failure to cooperate with these terms will encounter instant terminus of all agreements, report of trade scam to both SteamRep, and Valve - Steam. Fake gambling sites will be reported to Steam, and the site handler will be contacted. If a sitemaster is not present, the site will undergo a Distributed Denial of Service, otherly known as DDoS attack until the site is no longer existent. Sending a request implies that you agree fully to these terms.
chadsjack Feb 16 @ 8:32pm 
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Beach Nov 24, 2018 @ 11:57pm 
#furfag relatable
toaster Oct 21, 2018 @ 6:33am 
He likes talking to himself.
Milo #Furfag Sep 21, 2018 @ 4:01pm 
What are you looking at? I’m going to be active again soon so some items aren’t for sale
Lucy Briggs Sep 9, 2018 @ 10:11am 
This is Lucy Briggs, a friend of yours. This is an automated service which removes friends who have been offline for more than a week. Should you come back online, you can readd me.
Milo #Furfag Jul 13, 2018 @ 11:57pm 
You know, just dying like usual