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Rich, strong, powerful and i make more money than you. Lol im flying to germany tomorrow.. just got done sunbathing in valencia spain. Phd in hydrostatic physics AND handsome, whats more could you ask for? hahahahahahha
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Lovely Apr 17 @ 11:49am 
see a doctor.
Jielimi maikeduh Apr 16 @ 7:33pm 
sometimes i feel the stretch is not enough
Lovely Apr 6 @ 11:02pm 
hi? there must be a mistake? i called that number and got long john silvers corporate on the line
Jielimi maikeduh Apr 6 @ 2:22am 
Hey I really think you're cute, my numbers: 055120220 give me call ;'-)
tabitha Mar 12 @ 8:00pm 
░░░░░░████████████████████ ▄
░░░▄█▐█▄█▀█████████████▀█▄ ▐█▄
░▄██▌██████▄█▄█▄█▄█▄█▄████ ▌██▌ You've been visited by the fedora
▐████▄▀▀▀▀████████████▀▀▀▀ ███ of mystery and autism!
▐█████████▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄████ █▀ tip yours to 5 friends or you'll be
░░░▀▀████████████████████ haunted by the spirit of fashionable wear.
speedtouch Mar 11 @ 3:45pm 
hehe 3 inch tall hunter?? you're definitely getting picked up my friend, you can hang out on my desk and have a good time just chillin and i'll introduce you to everyone that comes over.