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-No begging
-I accept donations
-No private profiles and inventories
-I won't be accepting any random friend requests
-I know any scam method so don't even try to scam me
-Make sure that you have a valid reason to add just leave it in the comments I made it open to anyone.
-If I add you or I want you to add me it's fine you don't need to comment :D


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Bilbo the Viagra Salesman May 18 @ 10:57am 
+rep imma take my horse to the old town road riiiiiide till i cant no more
brahny Apr 30 @ 1:55am 
+rep amazing ♥♥♥♥er
hi3N Mar 24 @ 3:47pm 
+rep good admin :p
C. Taunts Mar 23 @ 3:34am 
+rep He's a high horse in 6s
ninjalabratt Mar 20 @ 9:05am 
+rep fun to play with and very friendly :D
Elf Melk Jan 29 @ 1:41am